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You can find a complete list of Rainforest Books here. The book is not about the rainforest, but it is a great book about monkeys. So why not use these creative ideas to fit the theme into your preschool program? Thoughts for a rainforest theme (Prekinders). Many exciting rainforest ideas for your classroom.


Topic suggestions for kindergarten and preschool to learn more about rainforest wildlife.... but it' s a great monkey work. We' ll play it out after we finish reading the whole thing. and the other kids are the apes.

Having read the Verdi novel, we are dancing with pythons (a bit of golden yarn). Like apes, the four little ones run around the ring on all four and carry a "baby monkey" (bean bag) on their backs. Childrens use Crayola Model Magic to make a serpent. Rolling it out into a serpentine mould, they then mould the serpent in any desired posture (some pupils mould their serpents into a spool and others mould theirs into a winding line).

Once the queues have enough drying elapsed (a few days), the kids draw them in the colours and designs they have chosen. Looking at snakeshots on the web to get an idea of the colours and designs. It is an action that fits every topic. Select a novel that fits the theme and let the kids tell the tale again.

And we do this action after we have read Caps for Sales, a books about apes that copy everything. Kids work in couples to carry out this work. On a geo-board, one kid designs forms and contours, and the ape ( the other kid ) imitates the one. The kids change parts.

Having finished Jan Brett's The Umbrella, we discuss what "characters" are in a narrative. On the second occasion we look at the storyline, each kid receives a randomly selected characteristic flange from the storyline (printed from Jan Brett's website). When we get to the role of each individual player in the storyline, the kids put the player on the flanelleboard.

Once the narrative has been reread, we name each of the figures and discuss what they have done in the narrative and what they have said. In small groups, each kid selects their favourite person and we turn them into staff dolls (also from Jan Brett's page). Every kid tells the group his selected personality.

Example: Dreieck, Dreieck, Quadrat, Quadrat, Quadrat, Quadrat, Dreieck, Dreieck, Dreieck, Quadrat, Quadrat, Quadrat. On another date, we use sample pads of sample papers to make a sample serpent on top of them. Using limabeans, which have been sprayed on one side and on the other side purple, we show our arrow venom poison frogs. Here we use limabeans. Kids put ten frgs in a mug, agitate them and throw the broadloaf beans on a blanket of felt.

Every kid uses 20 pcs of synthetic stalks (cut 1 inch long) and 2 pcs of thread. You have to resolve problems and select how many stalks you want to grow on each one. Kids use decorative wires (we acted as if they were snakes) of different length. Treefrogs have a tacky fluid on them that helps them to adhere to plants and foliage (some treefrogs can even get up a glass window). Kids slice out a treefrog, distribute some gel or marmalade on the back and glue it to a small glass.

Plan the flowers and place rocks, moos and a rainforest creature made of synthetic material. rain forest vegetation such as bromelias, Venus flycatchers, etc. Kids try rainforest products: Mangos, bananas, papayas, pineapples, coconuts, Braziluts, macadamias, chocolates. Kids stick a memo with their name on it on a diagram graphic under each of the fruits they like.

Kids can put in rubbers as they wish. Make sure that there are no affected infants with allergies to peanuts before doing this work. Browse and reprint the Monkey Grid Game here. View and print the Monkey Bingo Game here. Here you can reprint the snake pattern block mats. Here you can reprint the picture cards of the rainforest animals.

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