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Would you like to improve the design of your Rainmaker website? Find out how to select a topic that reflects your business. Choosing the best theme for yourself. Yerod: Welcome to the latest webinar on the Rainmaker site. For the previous tutorial, we used a setting in Rainmaker's appearance area to upload a logo to the head of our topic.

The Rainmaker Platform - Best Topics for Your Website

Are you sweating from your seats in front of all the nice Rainmaker topics? Ultimately, it is not simple to foresee your needs and select a theme that works today, next months and next years. At this meeting, Andrea Rennick and Pamela Wilson assisted you in finding the best way to select a theme for your Rainmaker Platform website.

Select ing a theme and set up your Rainmaker platform site

Obviously, the first steps in building a website with the Rainmaker platform are registration (for a free 14-day trial) and doing the base set-up. Rename your website, give it a slogan and select a theme. In Rainmaker, there are a number of topics you can pick from, so you need to think about them:

After all, you like the fundamental look - surely you can optimize it, but come as near as possible. Note - Affiliate hyperlinks can be included in this item, which means I get a small fee if you choose to buy something after you click on the mole. Setting up your website is really simple - you can have a Rainmaker platform up and run in less than 5 mins ( I took longer because of the narrative).

That Rainmaker.

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Audiodescription & Subtitling: Friday, November 9th - Watch the subtitles here on the showdate. Please get in touch with the Ticketzentrale in order to get support.

Customize your Rainmaker theme with an individual logo.

We used a Rainmaker theme shot in the last step to add a logotype to the head of our topic. Disadvantage is that the head area has a preset width and hight, and if your picture is bigger than that, you will be asked to trim your logotype.

Luckily, there is another way to create a customized logotype without having to use the publishing option. I will show you in this workshop how to create a customized logotype for your website using your own style sheet (CSS) coding. In order to create a customized Rainmaker theme for our Rainmaker theme, we will insert a section of our own style sheet into the ''Custom CSS'' section and then substitute some of the text in the style sheet with the icon picture and the size of the pictures.

We have to delete the picture from the'Appearance' area before we do this. Browse to'Design' ->'Appearance' ->'Header Image' and click'Hide Image' to delete the picture from the display. Now we can insert the style sheet to our page. Please copy the following section of your HTML and paste it into the area 'Design' ->'Custom CSS'.

Page caption a, wallpaper: url('imageURL'); wallpaper size: included; wallpaper repetition: no repetition; color: clear; display: pad; height:HHpx; width: SWWpx; width: SWWpx; . page caption a, wallpaper position: 50 percent 50% 50%; Width: 100%; Width: 100%; Width: 100%; Substitute'imageURL' with the picture address. In order to find the picture link, go to'Content' -->'Media' -->'Show all' and click on the name of the name.

Substitute all HHHpx and WWWpx instance with the width and width of the picture. There are three text passages in the above source that we need to substitute - the'imageURL' must be substituted by the head picture address and the HHHpx and WWWpx instance must be substituted by the picture size.

That will take us to the area where the head screen was loaded when you added it to the Head Screen section. You can see two different editions of your picture in the multimedia libary. If you have added the picture to the "Header Image" area, a trimmed copy of the picture has been made.

We have to use the picture in our source file that is the source picture that was submitted. Click on the logotype in the dropdown menu that is not preceded by a "trimmed" icon. As a result, you reach a display with the setting for the logotype. Browse back to the Custom CSS area and substitute'imageURL' with the address you used in the above steps.

Next, copy the width and hight of our picture and substitute the two WWWpx and the one HHHpx one. Store the HTML file as it is. When this is the first outing that you add your own style sheet to this section, I suggest you store it twice just to be sure!

Be sure to clear your browser's memory if the logotype is not displayed. When you have a Rainmaker website, click on the'Clear Cache' button in the left corner of the screen.

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