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Classified ad software ready for use with GDPR conformity. Joomla auctions and classifieds site templates for Joomla. template hotel websites, ready to use hotel pages Looking for a good, inexpensive website for your hospitality? We have the ideal solution: our turnkey hotelsites. After you have decided on a design, we set it up to fit you by adding your own unique branding features such as your company name, color scheme, font, images and text to it.

It enables us to create fully functional and accessible web sites quickly and effectively. With our well-designed and easy-to-navigate templates, you always have large pictures to effectively communicate the ambience of your resort. Placing the selected artwork on our betaserver and adapting it to your hotel's look and feel, we'll make sure it's fully compliant with your company's brand and name.

We have your company name, your company name, the use of colours, lettering and all your backgrounds and templates in our eye. In this way you have a website that is uniquely suited to the corporate image of your hospitality. Each of our templates has been created using a highly reactive technique. You do not need a seperate website. Using fast reacting technologies also means that your website is prepared for further development.

This system allows you to administrate the whole multi-lingual contents of your website in a simple and uncomplicated way. The CMSashboard gives you an immediate insight into the website's overall functionality. Developed according to Google's policies (Webmaster Guidelines), the underlying template technologies are It gives you a website with good searchability that increases your traffic.

To receive your bookings via your website, we will set up the system of your choosing. Therefore, we can ensure that you have an efficient connection between the website and the system. This makes your accommodation easy and appealing to book and leads to a high level of currency exchange. Maximizing your website operating hours (the amount of times your website is accessible) and a quick web site are crucial to the overall performance of your hotel's website.


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