Real Iphone Launcher for Android

Genuine Iphone Launcher for Android

You' ll experience the real iPhone interface without any wires or missing anything. "'It'll really speed up your iOS usage in a way."

#5 Most Cool iPhone Launcher Applications for Android Machines

Have you always wanted to have the look of your own iPhone on your Android? You can do it with iPhone Launcher applications that are available on the Google Play Store. The Android has the flexibility to adapt the Home screen to anything with the Launcher applications and Topic applications. If you like the iPhone user experience but can't buy an iPhone, you can use Android to display it on the home screen of your Android machine.

When you' re just getting tired of the normal Android UI, trying out a new design can be a relief for you. We' ve put together some of the most cool iPhone Launcher applications for you and the best part is, you know what? Let's switch to the 5 most cool iPhone Launcher applications for your Android phone or tray.

Here you'll find the 5 best iPhone Launcher for Android and once you put it on your iPhone, it looks and feel like you're using a real iPhone. Experience the look of the Apple iPhone on your Android phone. 5 launcher are available for your Android that rotate the home screen of your Android like an iPhone.

One of the most cool iPhone interfaces, CleanUI has slim symbols that give your Android a sleek appearance. The Home Monitor makes the home of your phone with iPhone like symbols and other visual elements such as the alert panel, central switchboard, lockout panel, as well as dialler and contacts. Full integration of the iOS-like interfaces into the Android in full size format.

These include home screens, alert bars, locking screens, call centers, dialers and contact lists. Dynamically display symbols for calendars and clocks, dynamically display colour indicator values according to the hue of the home background. Push the unlock fader as the iPhone has. A further cool and favorite iPhone launcher is the iLauncher - OS 9.

Android has a powerful home screen that lets you experience the iPhone user interface. Launcher is pretty intelligent, if you put it on an Android phone, it turns the phone into an iPhone, while the installation on Android trays becomes an iPad instead. Android Launcher lets you rotate your Android phone to make it look like an iPhone.

It has a similar look and feel to the iPhone. This launcher is complex, sleek and attractive and gives you a completely different feeling. This launcher offers a straightforward and intuitively designed graphical environment that makes it much simpler for your customers to interoperate with the required commands. Feature Launcher X: There' another launch for your Android phone, which seems to be respectable. iLauncher plus is very basic with no-frills, ease of use and lightweight launchers for Androids.

Though it doesn't look that good on your machine, it fits quite well to the home screen and what's better than having customized symbol packages. There' more functions that make it shine among the most cool iPhone launcher. And last but not least, One Launcher is undoubtedly a great iPhone launcher for your Android unit if you enjoy the iOS-style home screen.

A launcher is equipped with many thrilling functions with a neat and reworked user interface. They were the best iPhone launcher I found in the Google Play Store. Many other launcher are available for you to try and if you find a better one in the Google Play Store, please add your comments below so we can add them to our listing if possible.

Which one do you think you liked in our 5 most cool iPhone launcher listing?

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