Real Time Clock with seconds

real-time clock with seconds display

High precision real-time clocks - Maxim An RTC IC's precision depends on the precision of the quartz used and its thermal properties. Application with a large range of temperatures will lead to lower precision. For example, a standard pitchfork crystals has an precision of 20ppm at room temperatures or 2 seconds per second.

And the same crystals slow down an extra 14 to 16 seconds per diem at extreme temperatures of -40°C or +85°C. Thermocompensated quartz oscillators (TCXO) can reduce the influence of changes in temperatures. Maxim's high precision TCXO RTC Integrated Circuits offer less than 0.3 seconds per diem precision. Since the TCXO is in the same housing as the RTC, an outer crystals is not required.

A number of Maxim TCXO-RTCs include a proprietary Syntax function that allows the RTC to be synchronised with an externally applied source such as a balanced power line wave. The synchronisation allows the RTC to give an exact time without having an integrated thermal offset diagram. Besides high precision crystalline powered RTTCs, Maxim also offers high precision MEMS powered RTCs.

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With this TinyShield you can easily insert a RTC into your TinyDuino RTCs. In this way, your TinyDuino allows your installation to meet the exact time even if the TinyDuino is re-programmed or there is a blackout. Built on the Maxim DS1339 RTC, it provides second, minute, hour, day, date, monthly and year counts with switch year correction (valid to 2100).

RTC has two daytime alarm settings that can be adjusted to awaken the TinyDuino master from idle (very useful in long duration datalogger applications) and auto back up in case of blackout. Back-up batteries are lithium button cells that are brazed to the TinyShield and hold the RTC time for 2.5 years before being charged again.

You can activate float charge of the back-up batteries with a softclick. 12mAh 3.0V back-up chargeable Li-ion batteries. You can charge the back-up batteries with a special program instruction from the mains adapter of the TinyDuino, see example or data sheet. With this TinyShield you can use your TinyDuino to take 9 DOF (degrees of freedom) measurements with the ST 9DS1 - a system that comes bundled with a 3-D display.....

The TinyShield incorporates the powerful and energy-efficient Bosch BMA250 3-axis acceleration sensor.

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