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Add all the charm and warmth of the Mediterranean to your wedding day with this Mediterranean lemon reception theme and decorative elements. Their ceremony and their reception decor is not limited to macramé. Unrestricted free use of the best ideas in the word

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Spring of style: a Mediterranean theme of lemons reception

Brilliant rays of the sun, scented blossoms and spicy plants, spicy citrus - this Mediterranean theme is a show stopper for all the senses. Perfect for a Mediterranean honeymoon. Combine vibrant twigs of flavorful spices such as Rosemary and Basel with white head and brilliant wild blossoms to create the Mediterranean floral look. Integrate olives twigs if you can, then start introducing the finer details: sprinkled citrons, rusted metallic beds and Hessen Wraps as well as color edia.

Faint from this lukewarm and romantically Mediterranean theme of receiving citrus fruits? Have your bold citrus reception theme lead the conversation by selecting finer, more neutral shades for your other décor. Thanks to its damped peak and the use of genuine fabrics, this woven wool centre attracts all people. Add sprinkled freshness to your tabletops with smaller highlights in the same color.

They can be added to these small pails of small twigs of olives or rosmary to intensify the sun shades and make your reception sensationally smelling! Gray and yellowness form the ideal combination, because the smooth cooling of gray puts the bright shades of colored colors in the limelight. Repeat the couples triumph by selecting metallic cups and cups with stickers for your dinner numbers, creating your own Mediterranean theme and the relaxed beauty that inspired it.

Complement your citrus dining landscape with funny colorful detail. The pair chose citrus and striated black straight straws, great for banging in their coctails, but these striated citrus bags would also be a great complement to your sweet-dish! Do you find inspiration in the Mediterranean Sea spell? What will be your design for your ideal reception theme for lemons?

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