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It' a slim, trendy and responsive WordPress travel theme that can compete with premium Premium WordPress themes. These are the best Wordpress themes I recommend. Twenty five+ Friendly WordPress topics in 2018 (breast recommended)

When you want an SEO-friendly WordPress topic, you should probably use a StudioPress design. Years ago, AM people had sent example topics. How does a WordPress themme make sure it' SEO-friendly? Because you want your design to be quick, reactive, HTML5, safe, and cross-browser-ready. You don't want to buy a ThemeForest topic just so the developers give it up so that no further upgrades are published, which leads to your website having more and more problems withompatibility.

More than 194,500 WordPress enthusiasts rely on StudioPress and while their designs are more costly than most premier themes ($99.95 inclusive Genesis Framework), you are saving a great deal of time. Another is the attorney I work with, who had to build their website again because their topic was called quick reacting but seemed horrible on the iPhone.

Speak to me when my ThemeForest topic has been set and the maintainer has halted the update, so I had to recreate my website with the StudioPress Outreach Pro topic (that was 3 years ago before I knew about StudioPress). Everything I say is.... be cautious when you see the words SEO-friendly WordPress themed.

Everyone can attribute this to their topic, but few businesses have been around long enough to create a faithful 194,500 person fellowship, have a strong and supporting Facebook group, and are respectful enough to conduct an interview with WordPress flagship Matt Mullenweg. The Eleven40 Pro is an appealing blogs topic that StudioPress has created and that I have used for several customers.

There are different colour patterns (orange, azure, rot, lilac, green), but you can also create your own. Contains page templates, different page layout columns and well-designed blogs. This is one of the most favorite Genesis themes of StudioPress. The Foodie Pro is a little more expensive, but it's rewarding if you want a state-of-the-art blogs (doesn't have to be a foods blog).

Contains 3 colour choices, option of advertising area, a widgettized homepage and everything you need to create a nice, SEO-friendly blogs in WordPress and Genesis. The Brunch Pro is Foodie's nurse topic. There comes with 8 layouts and many of the foodie's great stuff. The Metro Pro is a Genesis issue with 5 colour themes and 6 layouts.

It' s similar to New Pro and Magazines Pro (the next 2 topics listed), but has a slightly different look. As with all Genesis themes, it is extremely adaptable when it comes to style and function. StudioPress' New Pro is a light, high quality, customizable web site designed for your newspaper or newsletter website. There are 6 layouts available, 5 colour schemes, several page layouts and motif choices.

It is another StudioPress topic that has been around for many years. Magazines Pro is similar to News Pro and Metro Pro (their two Genesis magazines themes), but Magazines Pro has a different look. The WordPress topic includes 4 colour themes, 6 page layouts, page style sheets, a topic adjuster, a user-defined headers, and other items.

The Modern Blogger Pro was initially introduced in StudioPress (no longer, because StudioPress always offers new themes), but you can still buy it on the Pretty Darn Cute Design website. You also have some other female WordPress themes and are a reputable Genesis user in the Genesis Fellowship, so I would definitely try them out as they have a good set of SEO-friendly themes all integrated into Genesis.

It is a basic blogs topic that can be used as a private website or any kind of blogs. Oh, I loved that subject! It' a new topic and I almost wish it was outside when I built my website (I used Outreach Pro), but I still loved my little one.

The Showcase Pro JT Grauke designer is specialized in UI/UX if you are looking for a user-friendly design. It is a multi-purpose topic with a clear and concise lay-out with pictures of the teams on the homepage (although the contents can always be moved). Full width full page design with integrated web analytics suite, ideal for a web site.

Present your latest project on the homepage (or any page) with a neat, minimum inventory. The Executive Pro is a straightforward, agile model with an integrated asset allocation model. Comes with a homepage slide, a neat 3-column design and 7 colourways. This is the topic I have used and I can confirm that it is really quite straightforward to work with.

The Altitude Pro is a smooth SEO-friendly WordPress design with pallax scanning that lets you use moving wallpapers. This is a very basic WordPress topic, but if that's what you're looking for, try it out. The Drone has been designed by Zigzagpress and has an integrated product family. It is my second favourite themes shop after StudioPress.

Your topics are $49 and all are portable, but remember that you have to buy the Genesis Framework seperately. Many Zigzagpress themes have a mix, shortcuts, several home page layout options, and more built-in functionality than you'll see with StudioPress themes. The Agency Pro is a one-of-a-kind SEO-friendly WordPress topic with an integrated workflow and pro style look.

Includes 5 colour themes and 6 lay-out choices. When you like the full width look of the design with an eye-catching wallpaper, take a look. One of my favourite Zigzagpress WordPress themes is Prestige. There are a variety of functions, such as an integrated repository, a number of portfolio-/blog-/homepage-layouts, shortcuts, colour choices and a full width slide control on the homepage.

Scroll through the different pages and you'll see why I really enjoy the prestige, it's a great topic. Here is another of my favourite WordPress themes from Zigzagpress. Superbly neat, simple to edit, and incorporates a beautiful integrated repository, shortcuts, as well as several homepages and repositories where you can see some fantastic functions of this SEO-friendly topic.

You can use the storeroom either for a website or a blogs. Comes with an integrated portofolio, shortcuts and a full width slide control on the homepage. That could be good for an interiors website - and the shortcuts really help you tailor the topic. The Patricia is a non-profit WordPress topic created by Web Savvy Marketing, a themed shop that creates industry-specific themes.

Also I know that Rebecca Gill (owner) cares about her topics, which is why I gave them 5 star in my Web Savvy Marketing review. With Nancy, you have everything you need to create a user-friendly dental website in WordPress. Unique design makes it simple for your users to find what they are looking for, such as your adress, dates, contacts and much more.

The StudioPress theming allows you to present your work in a sleek, easy to use look. They can also find the showroom topic (#17) from this listing, as it can also be used for home architecture sites, but I always favor themes created by StudioPress. Frédéric is WordPress legal subject, which is equipped with a widget home page, integrated widgets and other features.

is a really beautiful topic that was developed for clinicians, surgeons or any kind of medicinal website. There is a clear lay-out and 7 different colour choices. Like the Nancy topic, only the contents are cut to a WordPress page. Cafe Pro is a WordPress topic created for restaurant use, but can be adapted to any kind of WordPress page.

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