RegulationEd, Inc. provides compliance management, compliance training, licensing and registration solutions and services to broker-dealers, insurance companies, insurance dealers and holding companies. RegulationEd is a provider of compliance software and solutions for the financial services industry.

Optimizing compliance, managing risks, enabling expansion

Announcement of the commendation was made at the SILA National Education conference 2017 in Orlando, FL on September 26, 2017. The offer includes subjects specifically designed for specialists dealing with assurance licences and the registering of bonds. This is the most complete education program in the security standards business and the only meeting that is "For compliance, by compliance.

Workshop, lab and discussion sessions are all conducted by veteran practitioners who are focused on the hands-on application of regulatory guidelines and practices.

Employer reviews for RegEd

You have many meetings for the staff. Offer better compensation to outside talent than staff members recruited from within. Founded business. Focusing on philanthropic work. Hold the department siloing. Opportunities for expansion in many divisions if you work well. A few advantages could be better, more trainings in certain areas would also be good.

Ensure that your staff get more credit for their tough work, they do a large part of the transportation. There' so many great things about Reged! - Reimbursement and performance are great, on an equal footing with the North Carolina based sofware industry and include 401k matched.

Managers/Execs are open and always available and above all very down-to-earth, loyal to principles and respectful individuals. - It provides us with more insight into the company's visions and strategies at a high standard and into its way of working. - There' s a difference in the variety of the business than in any other business I have worked for. About 50% of Reged is females and at least 25-30% is blacks (males and females).

With over 30 years experience in the technology business in various positions in both engineering and business, it's incredible to work at Reged as a WSP with over 30 years experience in the technology business after working in predominantly WSPs. Aging, racial and sexual discriminations are the rule in many technology enterprises.

  • Niche sector with a focus on regulatory services for finance and insurances. That means that we have face-to-face access to the individuals who use our programs. Better than technology firms that are developing a one size fit for every piece of business intelligence services. In fact, they are managing bad top-performers that offer them many possibilities to find their own business space or let it go.

Others just dismiss bad top executives or whole departments instead of leading individual persons. It could profit from extra coaching opportunities, some areas could profit from extra personnel to help achieve the goals. Quit fleeing in from the Hamptons and spend your trench hours with the humans to see how your choices impact their daily life.

Nice folks, relaxed vibe. Missing education and divisions that do not communicate with each other. Gain more coherent workout programmes to help your staff achieve success. The RegEd is a very cooperative, vibrant business and our staff are truly competent and passionately informed about their contribution to the company's success.

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