Religious Themes

Faith themes

About the sources, modes and manifestations of religiosity. Blasphemy plays at Christmas and tells the story of what happens when Martin Garcia reveals to his religious parents that he does not believe in God. Yet another popular show inspired by religion that reveals religious themes is Game of Thrones - alias GOT. When this is the case, we can expect similar issues in all ancient religions. In this article we list such ubiquitous topics.

Faith themes

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"The garment is the tale of the other male robber at the base of the crucifix - not Longinus, but the one who gains a die roll and brings home the garment of Christ.

The religious themes in the films

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Antolerance -- The Walker -- King of Magi (1927) -- Noah's Arc -- Signs of the Cross - The crusades - Susan and God - Song of Bernadette - Samson and Delilah - Fabiola - Quo Vadis - David and Bathhsheba - Miracles of Our Lady of Fatima. Volume 2: The Garment - The Egyptian - The Child Prodigy - Ten Commandments Ben Hur - Solomon and Sheba - History of Ruth - Esther and the king - Spartacus - King of Magi (1961) - Bible - According to Matthew.

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