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Many thanks for your interest in Fashion Remix! Simpleness is the road to success It has been reviewed in some of the most favorite e-mail client like GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook and others and is backed by some of the most favorite available codes. Mails Remix also provides the ability to mail via SMSTP, customizing FROM and RETURN-PATH HTTP headers included.

Do you need to be integrated into an outside mailing system? Developed with the latest and greatest release of PHP 5.3, Open Remix is fully annotated, documentation and licenced with GPL v3.0. Would you like to try out the sources and keep up with the latest developments? We are currently developing a new product called Mail Remix. If a plug-in on my website is sending an e-mail that is already predefined, what happens?

Mails Remix does all it can to prevent pre-prepared e-mails from being disturbed. When we can determine that an e-mail is already HTML, the e-mail is kept as it is. "Mail Remix" is open code work.

and vSlider Plugin WP Remix Theme Dropdown Menu

A lot of Wp Remix themes user ask me or in the Wp Remix forums about their topic and the cooperation of vSlider plug-in. You' ve, however, found a flaw in the drop-down list that goes under the sliders instead of remaining high. Wp Remix boys say: "We don't warrant that our topic will work with all the plug-ins out there" and they're absolutely right.

That is not their real problems and I would like to make a specific contribution on how to fix the drop-down with it. But what really happens with the drop-down list? Now, the drop-down list is shrouded in a div named "nav" and its location is defined as relatively from the style.css from the Wp Remix Topic book.

One short description of the relational placement is that the web navigator can interpret the instruction from the CSIF file as a 3-D defined, i.e. who is above it in the case of two items. We will declare the navigational ID as relatively, but not the one that is the precise location on the X and Y axes (where x and y are the plane axes and X is the depth).

What can I do to resolve the Wp Remix drop-down list and the vSlider drop-down list? The only thing you need to do is modify your "style.css" from the Wp Remix Topics folders or modify the stylesheet from your WordPress administration pane and find the following lines: Width:840px; Height: 28px; Position: Relations; Margin: 0 autop5px; Now modify these rows to: Width: 840px; Height: 28px; Position: Relations; Margin: 0 autop5px; z-index:

99; Now you have adjusted the drop-down location of the navigator located at the top of the vSlider. It' not really important what kind of JavaScript you will be using on Wp Remix (can also be a YouTube movie in your post), your drop down will go below and you will face the same issue.

Modifying the codes as shown above will resolve this issue. Nothing in this posting is meant to alter your opinion about the use of the Wp Remix Thread. Because it is a really robust WordPress topic and offers almost limitless possibilities, I highly suggest Wp Remix. The Wp Remix topic can be downloaded here.

The vSlider plug-in can be downloaded here. It is a free WordPress Imageslider plug-in.

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