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The Replay is a sleek, modern and flexible design designed for music producers, musicians, bands, record companies and all other music companies. The Replay is a responsive WordPress theme for sale on Themeforest. Elegant black design is ideal for musicians, bands, small labels and venues. Hey, you've developed a great theme. Replay can copy its encoding and asset layers for your theme.

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The Replay theme is ideal for artists, groups, record companies and any kind of store. It' simple to use and customise, comes with powerfull exchange and sales software to share and sell your favorite songs, manage your event and more. The theme has a built-in HTML5 sound processor that can play self-hosted HTML3s. They can use the presented track players on the homepage, adding players everywhere using shortcuts or attaching a few free tunes to each publication.

Bring on new enthusiasts with Replay Sports Online replay game! They can use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud plug-ins supported Facebook and SoundCloud plug-ins, Share button on each page and integrate your own link to it. Every contribution has its own user-defined field and edit tool, such as date selection for business event and release tracking author.

Manage your artist, publications, event, video, gallery and slide management easily with Replay! The design has a high performance option window. You can get help for this issue via the help section, please use your order number when registering. Before you add a new theme, please review the current issues and literature.

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The Replay is a slim, contemporary and versatile design developed for musical professionals, musicals, groups, recording companies and all other musical companies. The theme involves tonnes of music-oriented functions for the exchange and sale of musical works, the management of performers, publications, shows, video and gallery. The theme has built-in artist management capabilities such as publications, shows, related art and video sites, track lists, community content sites, and more.

Simply build your own gallery and video, associate it with an event, release, or performer, add a theme shortcut to your library of content, add track lists, or view new songs on the homepage. The theme provides online community content sharing features that allow you to post content on each page and each and every performer you present on the site.

There' also an integrated wideget to view your community content account. Incorporated design choices allow you to modify your logos, font styles, colours, background and sliders with ease. They can also toggle between page layout, page bar creation, editing contacts forms, and more.

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