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Wordpress Themes resale

Having a good idea for a theme, I don't want to create a new one because it's tedious and expensive. Resellers hosting WordPress themes allow you to create a full-fledged, customized reseller hosting store. So why doesn't everyone begin selling WordPress themes commercially?

I' m starting with a statement that I have been in the WordPress plugin and themes business since 2010, I founded Freemius, a plugin and themes marketing firm, and I had studied and debated the GPL licence with top IP lawyers. To come back to your point, there are several good reason why you can't simply resell a WordPress spot: you can't just resell a WordPress spot:

The GPL licence is automatically bequeathed, by default, to the source codes and logics used by other GPL-licensed workstations. Here, all topic data using WordPress kernel features are regarded as derivates that are also GPL-certified. But pictures, css-files, and any other JavaScript or PHP file that doesn't use WordPress are not necessarily GPL licenced, and it's up to the topic vendor how he licenses those for you.

One of the WordPress themes markets, ThemeForest, has created the concept of a "split license", in which some of the theme's data sets are GPL and others are not. If you combine these points, even if the subject is 100% GPL, you cannot redistribute or resell a plug-in or topic due to copyright and trademark laws.

Once a 100% GPL is a 100% GPL topic, you can remove all copyright protected contents and brands and legally resell (or redistribute for free) them under another trademark and name. Actually, there are several popular plug-ins that have emerged as part of an established business offering.

While the GPL still has its own body of regulations, if you purchased a Wordpress topic from a commercially available provider such as Wordforest, they will actually come with it. Once you enter a topic that you have purchased and transformed back into the forest of themes, don't you think someone would notice? I' d also be very cautious, there are a lot of coding bit that any programmer could insert into the most repetitive file that you would never take up that would return the information to them.

The WordPress themes are published under the GPL licence because they are WordPress themes and the GPL licence is a copy-linked licence, so all WordPress themes must comply with the GPL. Let's now consider the case where you buy a themes (or plugin) from a development company. If you buy a business topic (at least most business topics), you also sign a licensing contract with the developers basing on what kind of licence they used to use that topic.

In the event that you have only acquired one licence, you consent not to distribute or resell the subject matter in any way. The GPL does not nullify this licence, you are definitely tied to the conditions under which you acquired the design. So, if you have acquired a single-user licence, you have consented to use it only on one website and not resell it.

Only way to resell it is that you purchased it with a retailer licence. Copying only other people' codes would make it hard to succeed. I' m all for study of the codes of great devs. Analyse what they're doing in their codes. If you then make your own designs or plug-ins, you can do it better or differently.

It' s legally required to do this, subject to the precise licence that Theme/Plugin has. But if you have tried to do it in a big market place, you will take down your plagiarised subject. However, your primary problem would be that Wordpress related articles are the most important sales argument for your team. That' s why humans create web sites to give AWAY themes and plug-ins and monetise them with advertisements.

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