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Resetting your WordPress website When you have a WordPress trial install or just want to rebuild your blog from the ground up, you might be asking yourself how to reset your website to its initial defaults. Reverting your website can be useful if you want to test new plug-ins and designs or just "play" to get your website back to the way it was when you first used it. Instead of erasing your install and reinstalling WordPress, which can take a lot of your precious resources, there is a simpler solution: pressing the reset-key. Please note: This is the best choice for stand-alone WordPress sites, not for multi-site installs. If, after reviewing this article, you still have problems to reset your website, let us help you!

A great help desk can help you with any WordPress problem, big or small - for free! Regardless of how late it is or whether it is the week-end, our staff is available around the clock. The WordPress Reset is a free plug-in available in the WordPress Directory that allows you to reset your WordPress databases to their default values.

Because your website information and customization base contains all of your website information, this means that your website will be deleted and you will receive a new installation as if you had WordPress for the first use. In order to get going, please dowload the plug-in, installing and activating it.

Added a new submenu to the administrator side bar, Tools > Database Reset. Choose the table you want to reset, or click Choose All to reset your site fully. By selecting single spreadsheets you can remove certain contents, such as your commentaries, all your pages or all your website visitors (except the administrator of course).

If you choose "Select All", the plug-in displays a control window asking if you want to activate your design and plug-ins again after the reset. To keep your design and plug-ins, enable this option, otherwise keep it disabled. Then enter the provided safety codes in the text area, in this case "c140a", and click Reset Tables.

We will return you to the WordPress Dashboard with all your preferences reset to the default state. It will then show a command line asking if you are sure you want to proceed. You' ll then return to the WordPress Dashboard, deleting all your spreadsheets and resetting your website preferences to the default one.

It' gonna be like you just had WordPress on! The WordPress Database Reset is a great plug-in that you can install if you need to reset your website often and don't want to go through the 5 minute WordPress install procedure every single use. This plug-in is very fast and easy to use. If you are an experienced user, such as a plug-in and themes developer, you can use this plug-in with WordPress CLI, a WordPress CLI switch.

When you have WordPressCLI installed, you can reset the data base using the following instruction: In fact, you can even specify a table to reset: wp reset database with wp reset --tables='users, post, comment, options' For complete information on using WordPress with WordPress Reset, see the GitHub library.

Finally, it is noteworthy that this plug-in will delete all your website's contents (if you choose all tables), so use it only if you want to delete all your contents outright. If she doesn't help WordPress companies with her words or work on web sites, she likes to brunch, cycle and wander.

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