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Good-bye, old friend: Do you know why I (finally) created a Responsive Blog? If one of your favourite blog's gets a new design, it may seem like your best boyfriend just got cosmetic surgery and you' re having trouble identifying with them now. So in this article I will discuss a bit about my thoughts behind the new responsive blog design and why I created it from the ground up.

Go on, dear boy. It was a good design (which I optimized from a free design I found) that helped me a lot. Over the years, the commentaries have given me so much pleasure, and for some good cause this little blog has one of the most actively engaged comment groups ever. Most importantly, it's so thrilling to know what you can do with a small old WordPress blog and a free topic.

Today, a responsive WordPress topic is something that is very important as a large proportion of your readership is visited on portable terminals. So, what were my primary motivations for a responsive design? Believe it or not, Google has actually explained that mobile-friendly sites will be ranked higher when you search on your device.

Although it was possible to see them on the old website, this new design makes the contents a major characteristic with a larger typeface and more beautiful intervals. I wanted a responsive blog primarily because I wanted to make sure that my subscription choices weren't wasted. However, having a responsive design was not enough.

That' s why I chose to design it from the ground up, instead of using a free or remunerated WordPress topic that anyone can buy. When I began to design the new website, I realised how many different items had to be approached. It' s fun when you have a free design, you somehow get satisfied with what you have.

However, when you design it yourself (or hire a designer), you really begin to get fussy about the whole thing when you want to make it strategic perfection. I will always have things that I don't like about this design, or any design that is made. Like I said above, if a website you like gets a new design, it can really be strange to you.

Folks keep mentioning it to me all the while. My intention was to put that more in the spotlight and to align it with the work from the kitchen bench logo, which I think speaks to them. In expecting to see folks reading to the end, I should at least make it as neat and easy as possible on all equipment.

Do you want a WordPress topic design experience? As I thought about it, I realised that any new design would essentially be a living one. In the end, I only had to take one small leap to have a good grasp of best practice on the web and that the new design would be a leap forward from a big one.

If there is something on this site that you really like or really dislike (or that just doesn't work), please post a review and let me know. Really, I don't want a design I've made to influence our beautiful fellowship. This had led to an increase in page views when the folks had ended up on the front page - probably because they have more to scale and more to grasp.

I' ve been told by folks that these headers opt-in form sometimes converts up to 15% of the data transfer. My fiancée's ideas are the headline menus (Start a New Blog, Read My Blog, Grow Your Blog) and I had them when we were in Barcelona last year. Really, I was looking for a way to split the site into areas that would guide new audiences into areas that encourage the best without messing with or pushing them.

Start-a-New Blog is something I've wanted to do for some time now. Now I can point them to a neat page that explains the most important things they need, and I'm getting a bunch of e-mails from folks asking how to create a new blog.

Just I could have used a normal posting like I do now, but my hopes are that this design with the arrow and the videotape is a little less scare. Obviously my blog is now the place where the "traditional" blog of mine is located. Growing Your Blog is something that will develop into a new concept in the near term and hopefully inspire some folks.

Indeed, the first design we tried had no "container", which means that the contents area had no limits whatsoever. Let me put the spotlight of this website on its strength: the contents. Really, I really loved the concept of flowers. Personally, I really loved the discussion we had there, and I really wanted to find ways to improve this fellowship.

So if you have any other idea how you can make the comment area better, I'd really like to listen to it. There is now also an opt-in blank at the bottom with some strategic placed proofs of socially in order to see if I can use the folks who want to score down and then do something else.

Thing about responsive WordPress topics is that there is much more room for things that can go awry. This is because there are so many different forms and dimensions that your design now has to take them into account. However, my primary strategic focus was to look at the blog and web site that do responsive design really well (think Brian Gardner, Chase Reeves, etc.) and web site like Smashing Magazine that produces a great deal of high-value information about best practice and best practice.

As an example, I sent the design demonstration in anticipation to a few longtime users of this site as well as to a few of my webmarketers. Actually, there were many occasions when Viktor did things with WordPress that I didn't even know were possible.

Consequently, I think that over the years I have referred him to at least a dozen enthusiastic individuals. I would really appreciate two things at this point: my comments and one or two parts. I am very curious about the new design and would like to spread the news so that I can gather as much information as possible about how humans are interacting with the website in a little while.

Just submit a message or a page you like (anyone will) to Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and I'll select two casual individuals and I' ll email you $100 via Paypal just to say thank you. The most important thing is that I would really like to know what you like or dislike about the new design.

Begin with the garish "I will never use this page again because..." and then work towards the gentler material.

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