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Bike - Bike Store Responsive Business Theme by sunrisetheme Are you an on-line business owner, contents marketing or just a simple blogsman who''s ever had enough of trying to find a website submission "for you" instead of the usual "for all" choices available in the world? The Sunrisetheme is proud to present Velo, a new Bike Store Responsive Business Theme specifically developed for the sale of bikes. Please don't let the "Bike Store" part distract you.

Since Velo has many indisputably beneficial functions, you can expand your limits at any time. In fact, the theme can also be perfect for fashions, clocks, jewelry and so many other kinds of business on-line. Velo is 100% responsive at first sight with the exquisite and breathtaking surface of urbane design that meets the most exacting demands.

Fully embedded in the world' s biggest e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce, your business would never be easy to monitor. To say nothing of the fantastic functions and enhancements Velo is equipped with, such as Revolution Slider, Visual Composer and Advanced Custom Fields. The Velo allows you to turn your website into a real Web 2. 0 traffic generator and even a selling engine.

Bicycle special version for flower shops! Via Velo: We as a business ourselves deeply believe that client contentment creates revenue. VĂ©lo is built with your clients in mind so that they have the best possible experiences on your website. Let's find out how it incorporates the client experiences into the prioritised consideration:

100% responsive and retina-ready, Velo ensures that you are always prepared to manage your business from anywhere, anytime. Featuring 03 homepage layouts, 08 product category layouts, 02 product detail layouts, 05 blog category layouts, 04 service pages, and so many other features, you now have a magician's hands to help you create your own web site.

Consumers have no interest or perseverance in going through your categories drop-down lists to find the items they want. Not only does it let your clients find what they're looking for specifically, it also improves your clients' searching experiences by giving them car recommendations. When you look at the colourful tagging, your clients will know in one case what's new, on offer, trendy or out of stock, without a click.

As Velo is built into WPML, it can be fully translated and used by audiences around the globe. Nothing can be better in a globalised economy than to attract prospective clients from all over the globe and provide them with the most convenient services. Give your clients a greater say in the evolution of your business by providing more granular and insightful ratings.

Enable your website visitors and clients to sign up with their current employee account identifiers so they don't have to fill out login form and memorize user names and password. Because Velo is built into WPML, it can be fully translated and used by a worldwide public. When you look at the colourful sadges, in one case your clients will know what's new, on offer, trendy or out of stock.

Bike is 100% responsive (of course! How can a theme missing from this fantastic theme have this basic play?) and retina prepared. As your faithful business assistent, Velo will never let you down! But how can you stand up to such an outstanding topic as cycling? See the help sheet for more detail after you have purchased the Velo - Bike Store Responsive Woocommerce Theme Bike Store theme artwork.

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