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Sensitive design for Genesis Child themes. StudioPress Responsive Themes Your Guideline It' been a while since I have written which StudioPress themes are right for you, a guideline that helps people find the best StudioPress themes for their website. A lot has evolved during this period and I wanted to inform you about new topics available for the Genesis Framework and point out some proven StudioPress responsive topics that still rock the place.

Whilst there are still many children's themes directly in StudioPress, more and more Genesis developer and designer are making and marketing their own themes (myself included!). This means that I make a small fee when you buy a topic. When you' re considering a new WordPress style sheet, don't spend your precious hours and your budget on a style sheet that doesn't look good on cell phone and tablet - you'll be instantly embarrassed by searching for it.

Good tidings are that any topic StudioPress publishes is portable and many of our fellowship artists are going in that vein. Any of the topics below is portable and willing to make you look good for both user and engine. Updated: All here mentioned template are now HTML5 compatible.

So if you are a "Do it yourself" kind of person and are enjoying the whole setup and trial -and-error procedure, I have a WordPress DIY set up for you, with step-by-step instructions on how to set up some of the topics covered in this article. As well as this blogs, I run a freelance blogcast, teaches buisness classes at The Fearless FreelancerTM, and teaches WordPress and Frontend Engineering classes for and LinkedIN Learning.

Genesis Education topics (for schools) in the Genesis Framework

All these WordPress themes are integrated into the Genesis Framework. Each design is portable + html 5 and you will find set-up directions, prices and other useful ressources in each topic guide. Using StudioPress plug-ins and Genesis plug-ins is recommended because most demonstrations show many plug-ins you can find on StudioPress.

There are only a few Genesis educational topics - but you can always exchange contents on another topic and substitute them with your own - that's the purpose of a Genesis learning-sheet. When you buy Educational Pro from StudioPress, the Genesis Framework is bundled with it ($99.95). All other educational topics require you to buy Genesis for $59.95 each.

These are the install directions for the topic once you have selected a topic. SiteGround was ranked by the WordPress Hosts Facebook Group as #1 WordPress Hosts in a Facebook survey (they were also #1 in last year's survey) and gave me

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