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Answer II - Free mobile, friendly WordPress topic The Responsive ii ("Responsive Mobile") is a state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly WordPress topic. Ideal for business, corporate, agency, IT corporate sites. Developed with a lightweight web page loading frame. Describe your service offering with the help of topic options. Developed with the mobile look in mind, this free Responsive WordPress theme accelerates the process of loading your website onto your mobile devices.

The Responsive ii is a mobile and sociable topic and helps you to improve your ranking in searching engines. Do you want to know why this WP topic is chosen? Imprise your audience with a theme that looks great on mobile handsets, spreadsheets and workstations. 67% more likely to buy a good item or services on a mobile-friendly website.

Over 6000 live sites use this theme.

Making WordPress Mobile Responsive with WordPressTouch

Today, more and more folks are going to visit mobile phone sites. That' s why you need to make WordPress Mobile responsive. Otherwise, you'd be missin' a million bucks of traffic. However, you may wonder how important it really is to make your website mobile. More than 52% of those who access the web use mobile telephones and tables, according to a recent survey.

That means if your website is not mobile, you have reduced substantially more than half of the visitor volume to your website. Obviously, it's really important to make WordPress mobile appealing for the overall sucess of your website, and the good thing is that you can activate it simply with the WPtouch Mobile plug-in.

The WPtouch Mobile Plug-in automates the creation of a mobile design for your WordPress page using a mobile devices. Use WPtouch to make WordPress mobile: Find the plug-in. Select Install Now and click Activate Plug-in. Go to WPtouch from the main window and click Core Settings.

You can deactivate the "Powered by HPtouch Pro" display in the bottom line if you wish. Choose the preferred interface using the Control panel or allow automatic detection. In order to keep the touch design activated for all mobile viewers, activate Regular (active for all mobile viewers). In the Landing Page section, you can choose a home page other than your own for your WordPress page.

In order to use the same homepage, activate Standard (as for WordPress). Click on Preview Theme to see how your website will look on mobile phones. Now your website is mobile.

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