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For all OXID eShop editions, Flow is a fast-reacting topic. To install the theme options, import the setup.sql into your database.

FreGo - Free Magento 2 Theme

The FreeGo is a fully responsive Magento 2 theme with a clear, minimalistic and stylish look. The free Magento 2 theme is so simple to customise, very versatile with a high performance back-end control panels that help create a fully functioning shop-line. It is a nice theme that will help the shopkeeper to make his shop more efficient and increase turnover in the near future.

There have been as many functions as user-friendly browsing, children's theme prepared, featureured & new items listing, brandname & blogs owl roundabout, sold-out item labels, works nicely on horizontal and vertical views of iPhone and iPad, works well with large browsers, will work well all the functions of Magento, better legibility on all gadgets and quick charging on all portable gadgets.

You can download the FreGo theme for free. FreeDo fully responds to all types of equipment. FREIGO Theme was developed with intelligent and good UX designs for all portable equipment. Mag 2. 0 Clear! FullGo came in with Magento 2. 0 compatiblity. Any enhancements that come with the PureGo theme are fully compliant with Magento 2.0 without affecting the Magento kernel file.

The FreeGo comes with a touch-optimized slide show that looks stunning, and it's also optimised for touch-drag n-drop, which will be useful for mobiles and tables. This is a product presentation listing to present the presented product in a striking and appealing way. Add this enhancement to add a sold-out tag over the standard picture for all items not in inventory.

The FreeGo comes with an attractive off-canvas meal. It is one of the best business solution for your phone. The FreeGo offers a subordinate design for enhanced fitting. In this way the updating of the topic is administered simply. A lot of features are divided into chapters that allow you to create a shop without programming skills.

The best theme with style for e-commerce website. You can use this enhancement to interact with your frequent and occasional clients. Megamenu is a high-performance toolset to achieve a better look and feel and provide expert guidance without the need for advanced technology. It will help the shopkeeper to make every detail of the product's structure, colour and design more visible.

Offers various different types of business card sliders and a fully responsive business card without jQuery conflicts. With this add-on you can show a message pop-up in your online storefront when your website is visited. Shops by brands can be purchased by your clients using the expansion Shops by brands. Allocate unlimited products with trademark image/logo.

Follow Magento 2 encoding defaults and patterns. You can customize your theme from the back end and you can make all your custom designs from the back end. SCOLT TO TOP Magento 2 EXPANSION allows clients to simply click to browse the page from bottom to top. Enhancement Solved Out Tag adds a sold-out tag to the standard screen when the amount of products is zero.

Build a portable and electronic shop to resell items such as smartphones, televisions, computer, printer and all kinds of peripherals. Simply launch your own shop for ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, lifestyles, accessoires, make-up, hair, etc. Build an eCoomerce shop with this theme and launch the presentation of your website for your mart.

Offer more than 100 pie choices with delicious recipes and better service such as free hits and other advantages for your business. Launch an on-line diamonds and jewellery shop offering diamonds, golds and all types of diamonds at extraordinary rates. Begin to sell presents on-line for men, wives, children, wives, husbands, girlfriends, girlfriends, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

Create an exclusive boutique of watches and clocks for men, children and adults, offering a wide range of products and services for men, woman and children. 2 ) Unpack the file in your Magento home folder. 1 ) Go to'Stores -> Config -> General -> Design -> Design -> Design Theme -> Solwin FreeGo' Theme.

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