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"Drop and drag blocks to create websites in minutes! The library is constantly updated - if you can name it, we can build it. You can easily design elements in columns using the fast-reacting Drag & Drop function. With the advent of HTML, however, web design has taken a new direction. Designed for beginners and professional web developers.

Build breathtaking landing pages and publish your own work.

Build your own responsive pages without the participation of a development engineer. You can use a SVG that is always sharp and you can adjust the colour at will. Store more than one version of your themes to return to when you need to make a difference. Select from preferences or build your own collection of items to reuse later in your work.

Apply some unusual features to your themes by using scrolling interactivity or animation. One of Google Hotels' favorites is having fun on the go. Every page is a statical HTML/CSS page that is quick to download and simple to use.

The increasing prevalence of cell phone and tablet surfing makes it increasingly important to build websites that are optimised for the needs of these people.

The increasing prevalence of cell phone and tablet surfing makes it increasingly important to build websites that are optimised for the needs of these people. Automatically react to the visitor's monitor sizes and show the most appropriate layouts for their devices.

Those different variations are referred to as breakpoints and use CSS3's medium query. One page can have more than one breakpoint, each of which is optimised for a certain width of the canvas. So for example, you can have the default Desktop layouts, one for tables (1024 px) and one for cell phone (320 px). Frequent stopping points are:

Naturally, you can set your own width and have as many break points as you want (max. 25), although you usually don't have more than 3. In order to append or modify key points, click the "Manage Key Points" item in the Page pull-down list. In order to change between key points, click on the drop-down list "Key points" and choose the required key point.

In order to return to the standard layouts, choose 'Standard'. In the top right hand of the ribbon, there is also a shortcut to switch key points. Object sizes, positions and visibilities can vary for each key point. It is also possible to modify the colour, fonts and other characteristics in key points for some items.

You can find the fast reacting characteristics for each individual item in the Help. Even though key point entities can have different dimensions, there are some differences. So for example, forms and other drafting utilities have the same dimensions at all break points. This is because only one picture is released and if you resize that picture in one key point, it would look skewed in another key point.

However, you can use more than one form, one for each key point and fade out those you do not use in other key points. However, please be aware that if you choose'Publish as CSS3' in the form property, the form will react! When you split text between several key points, make sure to specify the default text size in the compatible setting, as the other settings optimise the text for a certain width.

When you really need to use one of the interoperability switches, you should use a text item for each key point so that it can be optimised for that particular width. Items can only be part of a plane (and shape, carousel, tabs, accordion, dialog). So, if you move an item in a key point to a plane, it is part of the same plane in other key points as well!

Adding a new item to a key point first hides it at all other key points. If you want to use it at other key points, you can use the Item Manager to show and hide it. Removing an item from a key point also removes it from all other viewpoints.

You can use the Objectmanager to suppress the objects. Test breaks in your web browsing application. Change the size of the web browsing pane to enable Breakpoints. Also, some webmasters have special test tool for quick website response. FireFox, for example, has a Responsive Design View that is ideal for stopping point tests.

Browser that do not work with CSS3 press requests will show the standard layouts. If not, the text object cannot have different size in different key points! The next step is to insert a stop point. Choose Page->Responsive Web Design->Manage breakpoints, then insert a breakpoint with a maximum width of 320. Press OK to validate and OK again to exit Manage breaks.

4If you take a look at this pattern, you will see that a large form has been used behind the 4 header heads. It is important to note that a mold has the same dimensions at all stopping points. So, if you change the form in one key point, it will get the same form in other key points as well!

Therefore, in this lay-out we will make a copy of the form so that we can give it a different size. Use the object manager to fade out'shape5' because we don't need it in this key point anymore. We use the copy of the form for this key point, so we can change the size without affecting the layouts at other key points.

Let's now change the size of the form and re-position the text items to optimise the design for cellphone use. Enable the key point by choosing the "" 320px" option from the "Key Points" pull-down list. A copy of the standard layouts is now displayed. Note also that the name of the Working Area tabs has shifted to indicate that we are working on a key point.

5You may also have notice that the CSS menus are a little too broad for the destination display, so we will use a different one for this key point. Use the object manager to fade out'CssMenu1', as we no longer need it in this key point. Modify the layout of the new menue to'vertical' and adjust the buttonsize to' Stretch'.

The size of text items and levels can be changed without affecting other key points, so we don't need to make a copy. For example, the definitive lay-out may look like this: Change the size of the web browsing pane to enable the 320 pixel breakpoint. Click the "Breakpoint" button.

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