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Everyone who creates a Responsive website. Spectacular simple, responsive design It is a fast, simple and versatile way to build a responsive website. Don't let them force you to have a set number of column on a whole page. Since it uses percentage rates, your liquid pillars will match any width. It is not necessary to pick offset or borderless last column.

Rather than adapting your contents to your own Grid, you can adapt your own contents to your own one. Portable version of the grill are already cooked, or you can boil it yourself. If you can number up to the number of required column, you will be well. Border: 66. 1%; width: 32. 2%; divides the page horizontal; display: pad; float:left; border: 1% 0 1% 1. 6%; group:before, content:""; display:table; clear:both; width: 100%; width: 66. 1%; width: 32. 2%.

You need a few of them to crack the contents, and you can use them in your master wrapper or in other dividers and subdivide the section into sections. Every row has a 1.6% border on the right (about 20 pixel on a regular monitor), except the first one.

The use of percentage values means that it is 100% liquid. As soon as the display is less than 480 pixel, the column stacks up and the edges vanish. Have you noticed that this page has 4 column layouts in some places, 3 in others and even 8 at the bottom*? provided you view it on a display with a width of more than 768 dots.

It' like a reaction on smaller monitors. At the bottom you can see each line divided into the most frequently available column. Select the desired column number in the list. This also includes press enquiries to be stacked on smaller monitors. You can use the new responsive grid calculator to create your own.

Determine how many column you want to have in a line and specify the desired border. Where is the best margins? With a 1.6% spread, you get about 20 pixel on a default screen, but you can grow to fit your work. Do not make a profit of more than 10%, otherwise you will get more profit than your contents!

Create responsive web sites for UK and global audiences. We have been building web sites since 1996 and are still not weary.

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