Responsive website Templates for Restaurants

Reactive website templates for restaurants

Responsive Mobile Web Templates for Hotels and Restaurants. Get HTML restaurant website design templates and create your website. It is recommended that you purchase one of the Premium Café templates. You can use one of your free templates for the restaurant's website. Create a responsive restaurant website for free.

Twenty-five Restaurants Website Templates for Cafés, Bistros and Restaurants

Today, a website is an important way to promote your company and attract new clients, regardless of your market segment. If we talk about restaurants, this becomes even more important. Lots of folks will visit the restaurant's website before they go out to dinner, so it's so important to have a breathtaking, fully functioning website and a powerful website.

In addition to good web site layout, the best website templates for restaurants must also have some strong functionality, such as a booking tool that helps your clients simply reserve a place in your restaurants, cafés or pubs! Knowing that it is difficult to find the ideal website templates for a particular dining experience, we have compiled this listing of 25 of our most popular café, bistro and dining experiences.

Browse through our handpicked lists and select your favourites! So if you are looking for the ideal website templates for your restaurants, we think Pearl might be a good choice for you. A fantastic layout that lets you select from 2 different layout options and includes many useful functions!

The Pearl comes with a fully functioning reservation desk to help you better organise your company. Completely responsive, retina-enabled, this templates offers a truly memorable user interface for your customers and your guests! We have the L'ambiance website, another great example of a website that has been developed for restaurants, easy to use but very efficient.

An HTML5 templating so flexible that it can be used for various slots and will help you achieve excellent results! There is also a fully functioning Contacts and Reservations forms that will help your guests to reserve a dinner in your restaurants very easily and quickly!

When you own a café, bar or restaurants and want a powerful on-line experience for your company, you should consider a website with the Delicious Foodservice. Delicious comes with a completely responsive styling and is equipped with innumerable functions that will make your everyday lives easy. Delicious can be used for innumerable restaurants and cafés, and offers 8 homepage layouts with different topics, CSS3 renderings, web browsing and more!

The HTML5 Cafe & Restaurants templates for HTML5 are the ideal solution if you want to build a basic but eye-catching website for your business or if you are a cook who wants to build a beautiful on-line webpage. Developed based on the power of the Bootstrap 3 frameworks, it contains clear and well-organized source codes.

With this great site model you can select from 5 different homepage-layout, 2 event-page-designs, 2 blog-pages and more! Another astonishing example of an HTML5 style sheet, Khadok lets you build an appealing and fully featured website for your dining establishment in just a few moments! The Khadok comes with a fully responsive look and feel and many functions that are very easy to use and will help you get exceptional results!

It is highly recommended for any eatery, pub or café. The Khadok allows you to select from 3 different homepages and more than 23 other sites that are very simple to setup and configure! The Gourmet is a very simple to use website submission, which we strongly suggest for all restaurants and gastronomic websites.

The Gourmet was developed with the Y frameworks, a very efficient tool for the development of HTML and jQuery web sites. Featuring countless customisation choices and advanced features to help you get the results you and your company want! The next on our shortlist is Monde, a very easy but memorable HTML submission that will help you get your website up and run in no time!

Created on an 1170px grid system, this templating includes beautiful typographic features and many Google web fonts that can be used for free! Are you looking for a very contemporary and neat HTML5 templates that you can use for your website then take a look at Cattle Catering.

It is a very efficient and easy-to-use application that is perfect for various niche markets such as coffee shops, bar, bakery and other grocery stores and portfolio. Developed on Bootstrap 3 with HTML5 and CSS3 coding, it' incredibly simple to use and use! This is Fooday, a very special HTML style sheet designed specifically for restaurants.

It has a fully featured design that allows you to build your company's website in just a few moments! The Fooday comes with tons of great things like 4 homepage themes, a library, lots of inside pages, a contemporary menue and more! There are even 3 header choices to select from: In case you have not yet found the perfect website for your company, we would like to introduce Limon to you.

The Limon is an astonishing website design specifically designed for restaurants and spa's. Offering 18 different colour choices, many homepage fashions, 7 different backgrounds and many pages to customise and customise, this great looking design allows you to create your own website with a variety of colour choices!

Another great example of a very easy and neat HTML submission is our recommendation to any eatery or grocery store that wants to build a powerful web site and be nearer to their customers. Developed on Bootstrap 3 with HTML5 and CSS3 coding, it is fully responsive to any devices, any display sizes and any browsers.

The fantastic templates include 4 different homepage themes according to your alcove - Luxury Restaurants, American Grill, Italian Style and Asian Food! Danny's Restaurants is a professionally designed HTML style sheet specifically designed for restaurants, coffee shops and cafés. It has a fully responsive design and many fantastic functions that will make your job a lot simpler.

It is even recommended for delivery of pizzas, caterers, wine estates and luxurious restaurants! The Dannys Restaurant also comes with PSDs, a fully featured Contactsheet, a fun meal theme and more! Are you looking for a HTML5 HTML templates with a lot of important functions? We think you should try Tomato.

A fully reactive website that helps you build any website about foods in just a few moments! And you can even include eye-catching animation if you want to make sure your website stands out from the masses! The next on our shortlist is Lambert, a very contemporary and easy-to-use design developed for restaurants and bars.

Why we strongly suggest this submission is because it comes with all the functions and items you will ever need to build the website that' fits your company perfectly. And Lambert is ideal if you want to build an on-line inventory for a pro cooks. Allows you to select from 6 different homepage themes, full frame or videotape wallpapers, fantastic parallel axis and more!

This is Chocolat, another great example of a high performance restoration artwork created with the fantastic Bootstrapmework. So you can be sure - your website will always look and work perfect regardless of your mobile phone, your monitor and your webrowser! And last but not least - you can even include many useful Widget to your website!

It is a very eye-catching and easily customizable HTML style sheet that is perfect for any type of dining experience. It has a fully appealing look that looks and works great on any machine and any display sizes! It is also retina-enabled and was built with HTML5 and CSS3 codes.

The best feature is that it allows you to include a booking area on your website that helps your guests and customers to quickly make a booking for a dinner at your favorite restaurants! Gaucho could be useful if you are planning to build a breathtaking website for a hospitality establishment or café.

It' a great, contemporary design with a fully responsive look and feel and many useful functions to help you reach your objectives. Another great example of an HTML5 website templates developed specifically for today's contemporary restaurants is poddy. Your customers will get a truly special scroll feeling from this submission, and we are sure they will want to come back for more information.

Due to its versatility of designs, Foddy can be used for various occasions and restaurants - the options are unlimited! The Wehungry is a fully reactive HTML5 HTML templates with a wonderful one-page look. Using this contemporary website model, you can build a nice and fully featured website for your local restaurants or grocery store.

The WeHungry comes with 2 different homepage themes, Font Awesome icon, a fully featured PHP contact sheet and more! Our staff behind this presentation offers you expert assistance with all your questions! And if you haven't yet found the website templates you need for your needs and your inspiration, take a look at the Yumi Restaurant!

It is a very basic and efficient HTML5 and CSS3 submission that can be used for any type of restaurants! And it comes with stunning on-line reservation engines and is very straightforward to setup and customise. With Yumi you can select from 3 different homepage themes, 3 header and 18 HTML5-documents!

The DAWAT Cafe & Restaurant is another great HTML 5 website templates designed for restaurants and cafés. It has a very clear and well organised look and was designed using the Bootstrap3 frame and HTML5 and CSS3 both. The DAWAT has a fully responsive interface that works flawlessly regardless of the unit.

There are 2 different page style, 3 homepage design and much more to select from! The next item on our roster is Attica, a fully reactive website submission that is particularly simple to use thanks to the Page Builder. Astica comes with 3 footer lines and 3 menus to help you differentiate your site from the masses!

And you can even include your Instagrameed in your website if you want! So if you are looking for a contemporary HTML5 style that is both nice and simple to customise, Majesty is the right choice for you. It has a wonderful look and many useful functions! Simply select the ones that are perfectly suited to you and your idea!

The Candia is another great example of an HTML5 style sheet that is so original and powerful that it can be used for multiple stores and web sites! Recommended for stylish restaurants and cafes. The Candia comes with a fully responsive theme based on the fantastic Bootstrap frame that helps you present your most important information and photos!

Finally, Berg is a very mighty and eye-catching HTML5 HTML format developed for today's restaurants. It comes with a fully responsive look and feel and innumerable functions that are both efficient and simple to use! In fact, you can even include a booking feature on your website that will make your job so much simpler!

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