Restaurant Tema

Tema Restaurant

The Continental Restaurant in Tema, Ghana. The Ristorante Tema is located in the oldest quarter of Rome, the Rione Monti. The Tema Restaurant and the Pizzeria offer you a menu with fresh fish in a modern room near the Mart, the Museum of Modern Art of Rovereto and Trento. img Khana Khazana Tema; img Khana Khazana;

img Albela; img Raps & Rolls. June-Brazilian restaurants in Ibiza, London, Milan and Rome.

Rione Monti Monti Monti Cucina Mediterranea

The TEMA restaurant is located in the oldest part of Rome, the RIONE MONTI, in a road full of art and culture history: Panisperna Via (Panisperna Street) Older Panisperna Road was visited by famous philosophy students and intellectuals who spent long or brief spells living in Rome.

The RIONE MONTI, with its maze of charming and charming "Vicoletti", is now one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Rome, where roads and small squares come to the fore. We' re waiting for you at the restaurant TEMA!

the best restaurant in Rome - review of Ristorante Tema, Rome, Italy

Whenever I go to Rome, I can't miss visiting Tema, a great meal, a great dinner, a great welcome and a great value. It was our first meal in Rome and I liked it! Eating was good and the personnel was very kind. I' d definitely go back and have dinner here and have another dinner with dinner, wines and waiters.

We' ve just come from Tuscany to Rome, where there are no shells. This was a better place, plus it was shellfish, so we were spending a little more than we normally wanted for dinner, but it was really good and just what I needed. Don't be amazed how empty the restaurant is at noon.

In this restaurant we had supper with our 6-year-old daughter, very good Italians. Friendliness and good customer care. Rome has many places to eat - but not many of this kind. Many thanks to Vincenzo Fiore and his colleagues. Have you been to the Ristorante Tema?


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