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Select a free template for the Restaurants & Food website to start creating your stunning website. Tags: bakery, bar, blog, burgers, cafe, cook, food, grill, menu, parallax, reservation, fast response, restaurant, shop, simpleSee all tags. Beautiful yet simple and very practical, this template is ideal for restaurants, cafes and bars.

eighteen+ Best Responsive Restaurant & Food Website Templates

Building a website for your restaurant is a great way to get more clients and get more bookings. If you are building a website, you can use a CMS like WordPress or choose a basic HTML template. WordPress is great, but can also be a bit daunting for novices, which is why HTML template are better for them.

The HTML template also has the benefit of being simpler to setup and adapt and the resulting website is quicker to download due to fewer file types and less coding. When you feel like creating a website for your restaurant, you have come to the right place. This article introduces you to our most suitable HTML template, developed specifically for restaurant use.

Styles in this range include an appealing look, useful functions such as on-line order and booking form, the possibility to present customer endorsements, meal listings and more. First on our shortlist, the template boasts a sleek styling and an appealing full-width slide control that's perfectly suited to presenting your most favourite meals or the inside of your event location.

With the integrated work booking forms, you can make your complete menus lists and on-line bookings. This template is ideal for restaurant use, but also for catering, cafés and all other areas of the grocery store. L'ambiance template has an elegantly and uniquely designed. This template allows the use of wallpapers, slide shows and videos and contains a working contacts and booking forms.

There are several different ways to divide your menus and locations, and there is even a template for sharing your recipe or promoting specific restaurant related activities and promotional activities. Look at the Pearl template if you enjoy the Pearl effect. Using para-allax in this template will certainly attract the attentions of your traffic and it is a great place to put your phone conversations into action. Your phone book will be a great place to start.

Further remarkable characteristics are: This tasty template has an appealing look and is ideal for eating in a restaurant, susphi bar, café or other company in the grocery business. There are eight demonstration releases that contain all the areas a restaurant or bar would need. Clients are praising the usability and features:

Amazing template! Bistro template has a clear layout and offers lots of room for pictures and photographs of your pet trays. The template contains a working on-line order template so that it is suited not only for supplying restaurant but also for caterers. It' also retinal and looks great no matter what your visitor use.

UrbanGrill template is a good option whether you own a restaurant, wine cellar or barbecue. This template can be used to build a single-page or multi-page website, making it ideal for anyone who wants to get their website up and running as quickly as possible. The UrbanGrill also contains a card reader to help your clients find and arrive at your location more easily.

There are several different homepage variants in the template. This template contains several ready-made colour patterns that are easily changed, and 42 extra pages for your service, menus, contacts and more. OpenTable and Instagram are integrated with Tomato's reservations system, allowing you to expand your range of online content. This template also reacts and contains detailled information.

That is much more feature than you would get from a free web site template free of charge downloading. Gaucho is ideal for both restaurant and café environments with a contemporary and stylish look. This template is full of functions like a page preloader, prefabricated pages, full page slide controls, seven default settings, a booking template and much more.

This template is also optimised for AEO. Clients enjoy the functions and the design: Tasty template is a good option if you like minimalist designs. This template is fully reactive and includes a booking formula and the possibility to offer every day promotions. Further remarkable characteristics are:

The Pizzaro template is a great option for restaurant website submissions if you run a restaurant, pub or restaurant. Template pack contains several homepage variants as well as 42 ready-made restaurant website layouts for different pages that your event location might need. The Pizzaro also offers the possibility for your clients to order and find your event location on-line, which is convenient if you are offering a pick-up from the shop.

Sumi's template has a sleek, feature-packed look to help you build a high-performance restaurant website. Featuring a section containing your everyday highlights, a menulist and a working booking template, the template has all the necessary parts. You' ll even find a nice galleries area, a card reader and a template for sharing your recipe or advice with your clients.

This soup template provides three different living arrangements and seven colour patterns as well as an appealing desig. You will also find an integrated ordering system that makes it easier for your clients to place an order and saves your employees from spending hours on the telephone. In addition, the template is integrated with MailChimp so you can begin to build your e-mail lists and keep in contact with your clients.

Here is what some of our clients have to say about this template: Foody Template is an easy-to-use template with minimum styling, nice head area perfectly suited for addition of a call to action, and six layouts. Among the remarkable characteristics are: Barnelli Template boasts a one-of-a-kind look and a wonderful full-width slide control with a zooming effect that puts your tableware centre stage.

Easily create areas for menu, recipes or food gallery, present the interiors of your restaurant and use the work booking forms. They can also include your opening times, which will be updated online so that your clients always know the best moment to pay a call to your restaurant. Delice is a state-of-the-art template that is completely reactive and simple to adapt.

This template offers the possibility to view large pictures, which is perfectly suited to encourage people to visit your restaurant. It includes a working form for contacts and reservations as well as Google Maps support. Mount template is light weight so your website loads quickly.

It' also much more diverse than most free HTML5 restaurant website template you can find. There are several trial releases of the template and you can select between a fixed wallpaper or create your own with parallel axes and videos. Further functions are: Rozario template contains five different version types designed for U.S., China, Mexico, Italy and China restaurant.

This template includes breathtaking full-width pictures and a full-width sliders so you can present your most favourite cuisine. Rozario's template is fully reactive and web-enabled with functions such as a working booking template, meal listings and Google Map integrations. Developed for cafés and bars, the Lambert template has a clear and contemporary look.

This template has appealing wallpapers of palladium and contains several variants to make a multi-page and one-page website. The template is completely reactive, and clients appreciate its convenience and usability: Bella Motel template is a good option for the baker ies, restaurant and motel that want to give the feeling of a relaxing and convenient environment.

This template contains a booking template as well as experience report section, meal listing, presented meals and much more. Chocolate is fully reactive and can be used in a wide range of grocery stores. Featuring breathtaking full-width pictures, call to action areas, and sleek colour schemes, the template is astonishing.

You' ll also find a working booking forms, multiple slide control choices and Twitter, Instagram and Flickr integrations. Best restaurant sites are built on a powerful template. You can see that there are many website layouts for the restaurant from which you can select. Selecting the right template is not always simple with such a large variety, so here are five hints to help you make the right one.

Select an appealing template as suggested in the tip. It will help all those who are looking for a restaurant near by on the telephone. Whilst an appealing look is beautiful, make sure it matches the recess of your restaurant. While some of the restaurant website templates on our checklist come with a wide range of different style options for different alcoves, others are made for a particular one.

When you own an Italo restaurant, selecting a template for susphi bar is not the best option. A further important tip is the selection of a template that offers the possibility to take orders on-line. Helps reduce the amount of telephone processing times and makes ordering easy for your clients.

Resta or Soup template are great samples of restaurant page template with working on-line order form. Apart from ordering on line, there are a few other functions that your selected template should have. This includes the possibility to view menus, past customer experiences, and Google Maps integrations so your clients can find you quickly.

They can also search for restaurant website template with e-mail services assistance or integrate with community tools such as the tomato template so you can enlarge your follower and keep in contact with them. Don't miss to browse demos of the template to make sure they provide assistance for high resolution pictures.

Fantastic photographs are a must when it comes to restaurant and grocery sites, so it's best to choose a template that allows you to use slide shows or build art galleries. Whatever your needs, you can choose a template that allows you to use slide shows or build your own gallery. Building a website for your restaurant is not as difficult as it seems. The right template will get your website up and run in just a few acres.

While you may be looking for free download template for the restaurant website, our professionally designed template offers more performance. Take our collections as your point of departure and don't miss to read more of our restaurant page artwork on Envato Elements.

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