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Pink is very adaptable and perfect for restaurateurs who want to present their cuisine on a website that looks as delicious as the food they serve. Contemporary restaurant WordPress themes that are perfect for fast food, gourmet or traditional restaurants, with great features like reservation forms. Best 19 WordPress Restaurant Themes (2017) Looking for WordPress restaurant themes? Restaurant-related sites have special needs to present their menus, photographs, location, opening times and other useful information. We have handpicked some of the best WordPress themes for restaurant in this review.

WorldPress is the most versatile and user-friendly website for your restaurant website.

Read our articles about why you should use WordPress for more detail. To use all the power of a WordPress page, you need a self-hosted page. Read our guidelines about the differences between and the self-hosted page. In order to launch your restaurant website, you need a WordPress web site hosting-account.

You are one of the biggest worldwide hosters and at the same time one of the WordPress partners. The next thing to do is to download and use WordPress. To get a step-by-step tutorial, you can use our tutorial to get started with a WordPress Blog. Once installed, you can select a topic from our experts below and then obey the prompts in our WordPress topic setup brief.

Now, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress restaurant themes. These lists contain both free and fee-based WordPress topics.

It' fully compliant with the Restaurant Booking plugin, so you can make your own bookings on your website. Its design includes a large full-screen headline, highlighted actions keys, a user-friendly adjustment window, and a web drag-and-drop page creator. Reco is a courageous yet stylish WordPress restaurant topic.

Featuring a fast reacting slide control, a classy restaurant menue and Google Maps assistance. It' simple to get up and running using the easy-to-use Topic Option Control Panel. It is an elegant WordPress themed website for dining in hotels, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and other dining sites. This comes with an easy-to-use restaurant menus page that is simple to configure using Widget as a modul.

Besides, it offers all the functions you would have expected from a high-quality WordPress topic. Unparalleled slide control, simple design choices, fast set-up, user-defined header and style. The Molino is a classy WordPress topic for eateries, cafés and bars. Offering a very contemporary and trendy look, it has high performance functions such as page builders, layout, content module, event calendars and much more.

The Resto Restaurant theme for WordPress comes with a powerfull restaurant meal mail style. So you can simply insert and refresh your menus. Featuring advanced functions such as pull & dropping home page builders, user-defined widgets, layout, color selections, etc., this gorgeous feature is a great addition to any website. Comes with a very simple operation keypad that lets you activate or deactivate functions, load logos, set up networks and much more.

The Petit is a light WordPress restaurant topic. There comes with nice recipes page layout and customized shortcuts for a website about groceries. Featuring a contents control, user-defined widgets, multi-select colors, and out-of-box functionality for multi-lingual Web sites. Iglu is a contemporary WordPress restaurant with large pictures, nice typeface and high performance functions.

Comes with a built-in restaurant meal managment system, bookings, customized Widgets, slide controls, galeries and testimonials. Featuring an easy-to-use topic option pane, it can support many of the most favorite WordPress page creators. The Chinese restaurant is a WordPress topic for all types of restaurant. Comes with a powerfull Drag&Drop page creator.

It also has integrated menus, dates, restaurant menus, art galleries and more. Downntown is a versatile WordPress restaurant that can also be used for foods blogs, restaurant ratings, pubs, cafes, and more. Using any colour you like, you can make your own colour scheme, use user-defined background and header to really make the design your own.

Italica is a beautiful WordPress topic for eateries, coffee shops and pubs, based on the inspiration of Italien cooking. Comes with 6 ready-to-use skin sets and includes a high-performance pull & drop constructor. You have several possibilities for creating your own designs, and you can even customize your own. And it comes with scheduling system, restaurant meal builders and many user-defined Widgets.

It' simple to set up and allows you to customise the design using our LifePreview. Restaurant is a free WordPress restaurant topic. There has a nice lay out with big sliders, call to action and uses a themes customizer for all themes choices. SiteOrigin's free Page Builder is supported, and restaurant menus can be added with free third-party plug-ins.

Beataso is a WordPress Café and Restaurant Topic Premier. There comes with Dragging & Dropping page creator, Schedule Managers and Restaurant menus section. There are several colours, a lay-out and skinings that allow you to really customise the design. As well as supporting Google fonts, it provides Google Maps for sites and has a variety of advanced functions.

Wonderfully crafted, this WordPress topic is free and is perfect for classy dining and cafés. It' s compliant with favorite free restaurant meal plug-ins and WooCommerce out of the box support. This topic is also appropriate for translations and can also be used on plurilingual web sites. The Cafe Pro is based on the Genesis themes of StudioPress.

Comes with a solid base and a variety of functions for a WordPress restaurant topic. With the four broadgets, the homepage of the topic can be adapted to your needs. You' get an easy-to-use topic option pane and user-defined Widgets that make it simple to view your contacts, addresses, office opening times, and more.

Hellenic Restaurant is a free WordPress restaurant topic. Based on the Twitter boatstrap framework, this themes reacts completely and looks good on all machines. Comes with a user-defined head, full-width pages, shortcuts and a restaurant booking system that allows you to take bookings from your clients. The Mise En Place is a breathtakingly nice WordPress topic for a restaurant.

Comes with a menus administration system, a page builder and WooCommerce port. Featuring large headers, user-defined widgets, shortcuts, integration with Google fonts, and customization of living themes, among other things. Toami is a classy restaurant topic for WordPress. This is characterized by a singular full-screen design with a high need for actions. It also comes with an easy-to-use restaurant meal system.

It' easy to create menus with pictures that open in a light box. And it comes with customized widgets, shortcuts, Google fonts, slide show and many other great functions. The Moonrise is a beautiful WordPress restaurant themed. Provides large headline wallpapers, slide shows, shortcuts, and a number of adjustable parts. There comes with built-in assistance for grocery menus, service, slide show, contacts widget und contacts pads.

It' simple to adjust and the translated text is immediately operational. Belize is a free WordPress restaurant topic. It' simple to deploy and suggests that you deploy the suggested plug-ins after activating them. The plug-ins provide additional functions like event, restaurant menus, contacts, etc. WooCommerce and PageBuilder plugins are supported immediately after unpacking.

Hopefully this item has help you find the best WordPress restaurant themes for your website. They may also want to see our 24 must have WordPress plugs for our 24 WordPress sites. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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