Restaurant Wordpress Theme free Download

Wordpress restaurant theme free download

Needed plug-ins The restaurant is a feature-rich Free WordPress theme from It is an excellent way to build your restaurant shop on-line. This theme comes with functions like, eating and drinking menus, featureured slider, endorsements, employee pages, customized home page and other user-defined page styles. It is an appealing design created with a boatstrap frame.

This topic demands that the following plug-in works as announced. There is a message in the administration area asking you to download the necessary plug-ins. Menus & Drinks - This plug-in is needed to create the menus and menus compilations. Magical MetroBox- This plug-in is needed for MetroBox boxes appended to various user-defined mailboxes used in the theme.

Contacts 7- This plug-in is needed for the creation of contacts and reservations. Datepicker 7 Contacts - This plug-in is needed to enable the datepicker boxes on the 7 Contacts 7 Contacts tab. Go to your WordPress administration pane and go to Appearance > Topics . Then click New, then load the design into your Topic List and enable it.

Once the theme is activated, you will see a message asking you to download and enable the previously mentioned plug-in. This design uses a user-defined home page style sheet. Once the theme is activated, go to the pages and make a new page called "Home". Choose the Homepage preset from the drop-down menu. Choose the options "Static page" and "Home" for the title page from the pull-down menu.

Choose another page for the blogs. You will find a submenu named Folien in the administration area. Go to the page with the topic settings and under the Homepage page you will find the sliders setting. Simply choose the slide bar from the drop-down box. You will find a menue point named Staff in the administration area.

If you click on'Add new personnel', you will be taken to the personnel editors. Type your employee name as the name of the person you want to work with and then fill in the information in the box such as your position name, small text box and your company's name. In order to set up the personnel page, go to the 'Pages' page and set up a new page.

Assign it a Staff name and then choose the Staff Page style sheet from the page's Template page property. You will find a Testimonial option in the administration area. In this WordPress theme, the word meal is another important characteristic. Installation and activation of the Drink and Nutrition plug-in.

Choose the setting'Do not download any CSS styles' on the preferences page. In this way it is ensured that the design of the menus is done according to the style sheet of the design. To see how to make single menus and the page, please watch the movie below. There is a 2-column section on the homepage for the specific menus.

Type the keyboard shortcuts for the Topic Options window menus to set up this section. The 7 Contact Us plug-in will be used to generate a customized invitation request for reservations. Make a new page and give it a heading with the heading 'Reservation'. Choose the page'Reservation' from the drop-down list of the templates attributes.

Go to the Theme page and under Booking Preferences you will find all the booking page configuration items. The design comes with an optional control to adjust the setting. The Topic page contains the first page for the configuration of the homepage. Choose the Homepage slide bar from the drop-down list.

Choose the page for the About us section. Choose the page you have selected as the restaurant drop-down list. Adds the shortcuts for the 2 column menus of the homepage area. Use the drop-down list to choose the page that you have selected as the employee page.

Here you have the possibility to configurate the booking page. Use the drop-down list to choose the page that is selected as the Booking page. Type the short code for the short code for the contacts page generated with the Contacts page 7 plug-in. You can use these settings to configurate the button for your favorite networks. You can use these choices to change the colors of your design.

You can use these settings to adjust the advertising in the side bar. So you can download the xml-data of the restaurant theme.

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