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Delicio is a premium WordPress theme for restaurants. Reco is a courageous yet elegant WordPress restaurant theme. Best 20+ Restaurant WordPress Topics Although the restaurant industry is always concerned about meal service excellence, selecting the right website theme for a restaurant can also be an important factor in attracting bookings and contacting your clients on-line. Therefore, today we examine the best WordPress topics of the restaurant on the open sea.

The WordPress topics do a good job of giving your restaurant its own special internet exposure and invite your clients to try the cuisine. Stylish theme for restaurant, pub and bistro, with a nice, minimalistic look designed to bring your meal to the fore. This theme has an attractive look, tapes with a visual appeal and easy to navigate pages.

Functions: fast reacting lay-out, event area, clear foods menue, product range integrates with Jetpack, WooCommerce prepared, intuitional customer service forms, customized colours, translatable. WordPress theme for neat menus in a restaurant, pub, café or home recipe. Comes with a minimalistic and sleek look, attractive and prestigious icon designs, stunning contents and a stylish look.

Characteristics: fast-reacting styling, booking forms, basic menus, opening times, restaurant-based symbols, colour choices, Soliloquy slide-plug-in. WordPress theme is a very contemporary and good looking restaurant for stylish dining and bistro. This theme has an elegantly and professionally designed look, with some nice and tidy contents. Of course, the website does not have the same look and feel as the website.

There is also a full-screen lay-out and a function for soft scroll. Functions: fast response time, HTML5 motion control, retina enabled, infinite colours, restaurant symbols, happily hours and calendars, integrated page lays. Vegetables could be the best option for those who want to turn their prescriptions into a shop.

There is a wide variety of designs and layout that can be used for snack bars and bars, as well as publishing houses, weblogs and even journals. Functions: fast reactive styling, adaptable page styles, multi-layout menus, WooCommerce enabled, Elementor, SiteOrigin and BeaverBuilder compatible, multi-media styling, includes Premier Soliloquy Slider. The WordPress theme of this restaurant is captivating with its great scroll-effect.

This theme has a great and stylish full frame headers and comes with a contemporary and breathtaking look. Functions: fast reacting desing, parallel effect, simple reservation forms, WooCommerce capable, optimised for velocity and SoEO, Live-Customizer. This is a minimalistic theme for a restaurant that puts the contents in the foreground. Functions: fast-reacting theme, drag-and-drop homepage, events manager, several colour scheme, user-defined widgets, menus, SEO support and performance optimisation, retina enabled.

A stylish and clear full-screen motif for stylish dining. Functions: simple homepageditor, fast reacting layout, events calendars, SEO-enabled, simple booking forms, limitless colours, 3 different menus. Interesting restaurant and café theme with a sophisticated theme, where the navigational menus look and work the same as a restaurant menus (there are page-turning motion graphics that can be activated with a click).

Functions: fast reactions and mobility, OpenTable reservation, Retina-enabled, useful topic option, basic menue management, 600+ Google type. Stylish and sleek WordPress theme for restaurant and bistro use, with a wide slide control and clear styling that makes navigating the site easier and more enjoyable. All in all, the topic is quite straightforward and provides a minimalistic yet nice opportunity to present contents.

Functions: fast reacting redesign, retina prepared, parallel effect, MotoPress editors, smooth text, MotoPress sliders, easy to translate. Salvia is a very complicated subject for everything to do with eating and drinking. There are 40 demonstrations, all of which refer to eateries, cafés, snack shops, pastry shops, cafés, etc... whatever. It has a stunning look and looks very contemporary and stylish.

Functions: fast-reacting designs, 40 one-of-a-kind demonstrations, five headers, Visual Composer Builders, WooCommerce Ready, Scroll Parallaxes, Background Cards. The Zerif Pro is a multi-purpose theme with a kind and very engaging look. This theme can suit any kind of use, so your restaurant website looks good too. This theme has colourful passages, great symbols, parallel effects and lots of animation.

Functions: user-defined widgets, limitless colours, WooCommerce capability, localisation (ready for translation), user-defined theme choices (logo, soft link, layouts, etc.), fully reactive, parallel effect. Nice full-screen restaurant WordPress theme, with a large and memorable styling, made to focus on the meal. All in this theme is very simple to understand and the contents are wonderfully incorporated into the stylish theme designs.

Characteristics: Revolution sliders, fast-response designs, customized postings, built-in shortcuts, jax contacts, customized widgets, customized logos and wallpapers. WordPress restaurant theme delivered with four different demos: It' re relies on graphics, large pictures and restaurant-based symbols. Its has a fantastic full frame headers and a very stylish styling. Functions: four uniquely designed layout, easy-to-use reservation forms, drag-and-drop page creator with over 60 page items, picture and videosliders, pallax scrolls, single- and multi-page layout, WooCommerce prepared, Retina prepared.

WordPress theme for food service and restaurant, with a classy and contemporary look. It' neat, it' s motionless and it has a full-screen look. All in all a minimalistic theme with a contemporary surface. Characteristics: Slider Revolution and Layers Slider inclusive, several shortcuts, WooCommerce enabled, 20 demonstrations for different uses, infinite colour scheme, fast response and retina layouts, enhanced page building capabilities, backup engine.

The Foodica is a fun and stylish theme for a restaurant, recipes blog, recipes notebook or anything else that has to do with foods. Looks neat and stylish, has a beautifully equipped slide control, advertising banner and an on-line store. All in all a contemporary, attractive and minimalistic theme for connoisseurs. Characteristics: Includes WooCommerce interface, multi zone advertising for banner, sliders, recipe shortcuts, zoom frame inclusive, fast response layout, six colour scheme, two postal styles: raster and listing.

The Wish is a multi-purpose theme supplied with 15 different demonstrations, each for a particular use. Restaurant templates look very contemporary and interactively, with fun special effect and animation, handy pallax scrolls and a great full-screen slide. Your theme will let you flip through the section of this topic. Characteristics:

Fifteen ready-made laysouts, 106+ user-defined composition visuals, WooCommerce compliance, Slider Revolution, six line footers, attractive look, translation-friendly. Betaso is a restaurant WordPress theme with an elegantly designed and uniquely niche-specific characteristics. It' s a very versatile theme thanks to a drag-and-drop page that lets you play around with the lay-out and change it to your liking.

Functions: Desktop reservations, page creator, Appointment Manager plug-in, multi layout, customized Widget, free of charge supports & upgrades. A great style theme for a restaurant. Its appealing and highly engaging look and feel invite the users to take part. Rolling is elegantly done by the pallax effect. Feature: fully reactive, widgetized homepage contents, simple dinner reservations, four different layout for the menue, short codes inclusive, all in one reservations plug-in inclusive, call to action tapes.

is a multi-purpose theme, as it comes with many demonstrations for different applications, all delivered with Visual Composer and Page Builder. This theme also has a restaurant edition named Poker, which is a contemporary full-screen model for Pokerubs. This theme has a great full-screen slide, an intuitive interface, a product range and a store page.

Featuring: fast response time, many shortcuts, Visual Composer integrated, WooCommerce supported, limitless page layout, black and white skin, full flexibilty - you can adapt everything. Functions: Suitable for cafes, restaurants, snack bars or grocery stores, infinite colour choices, 3 kinds of controls, drag-and-drop customisation, including event calendars, ready-made layout, gentle pallax scroll.

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