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The best Asian restaurants in Tema, Greater Accra: Search TripAdvisor travelogues from Tema Asian restaurants by price, location and more. The palace of the East Chinese Restaurant. The One Plus One Hotel Complex, Tema. Explore restaurants in Tema, Ghana with the help of your friends.

Starry sky food and beverages

Sterbites uses products cultivated and produced on site to obtain freshwater foods all year round. Featuring an accessible pricing strategy from Sterbites coupled with the highest standards of service and delicious meals for all, within 7 years of its inception, Sterbites has rapidly expanded and has opened offices in other Accra, Tema and Kumasi sites, with a uniquely branded and recognisable brand and logotype.


In addition, we offer an open-air open-air pool, a patio with deck chairs, a spas and a fully equipped fitness studio. Our hospitality staff will serve lunches and dinners in the shape of a refreshment bar or a la cart. There is a local car park and Kotoka International Airport is 30 km from the school.

Free-of-charge shuttle services can be arranged by advance booking. We offer our guests rooms that are up-to-date, comfortably furnished and up to date. Our gem is our Angela's Refreshment, which features a separate eating area for special occasions. There are 2 bar, the Lounge Bar and the La Calabash Pool Bar offer a relaxing area.

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It' not in a nearby place inside Tema, but it can be found. Restaurant is outdoor, but roofed, and not enclosed and air-conditioned. In addition, sometimes naked leg is used by insects. However, a smoker can take this opportunity. There is a sensible selection of main courses on the menue, and there are also many "non-German" courses to throw a broader net.

Unfortunately there are no more Germans available for the meal, because they are no longer exported to Ghana, so the beer selection is rather locally. However, the owners and employees are very careful and anticipate a quick settlement.

Near Green Garden Turkish restaurant, Tema - BEST THE COURSE OF THE HOUSE close to restaurants and cafes, Tema

The Green Garden Turkish Restaurant is just one of the many Tema emblems to be discovered. There is a wide range of accommodations near the Green Garden Turkish Restaurant, from luxury accommodations to reasonably priced pensions. Comfortable searching and comprehensive information on the Tema Stadt website facilitate the searching for available properties.

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