Restore Skin Barrier

Skin barrier restoration

Frequent signs of barrier damage. So what causes a damaged barrier to start? Healthy skin barriers protect against pathogens, allergens, toxins and irritants. If the leading physical barrier of the skin, the stratum corneum, is damaged by disease or acute destruction, the deeper layers of the epidermis and dermis are susceptible to further irritation and sensitization. This allows you to repair the skin's natural barrier functions.

Repair barrier, the secret of beautiful, clear skin

Throughout the years I have learnt that exercise, moisture, a healthy nutrition, soft yet easy skin treatments and skin tone control are important for the overall skin condition and clearness. But there was one very important part of this jigsaw plug - the barrier reparation - lacking! While you may be asking yourself what the stern barrier fix is, let me try to clarify something referred to as striptease and skin barrier work.

Essentially, the skin barrier functional principle is a design that relates to the outermost skin layers, the so-called stratum corneum. of the skin. It is the barrier that keeps the human organism away from the outside world, intended to keep away moisture and keep away germs, viruses and other outside intruders.

Not only does the power and integrality of this barrier make our skin look healthier and moist, it also helps to keep it clear. Transverse cross-section of the stratum cordneum would look like a clay block partition in the meaning that death skin nuclei make up the "bricks" and the intracellular scaffold (lipids and fatliquors - a.k.a. sebum) makes up the grout.

Hydrophobic lipid keeps the skin moist, supple and tight, avoiding the vaporization of moisture absorbed from the skin's outer and inner layer. At this point, the stratum cordneum becomes uncompromised and the barrier needs to be repaired to avoid the dehydration and bacterial penetration of the tears.

Believe it or not, the skin uses its own exfoliating self naturally occurring peeling action, known as scaling. Here new skin microcells move from the lower layers of the skin to the outermost part. It is a completely hydrated skin, so if this is interrupted, the skin will appear coarse, flaky and sober.

Failure to repair the external barrier dehydrates the skin (even if you have greasy skin) and begins to firm and cling to necrotic skin tissue. So if you have outdated your life style and still have acne, chances are you will have a corrupted outside most skin barrier. Skin diseases can be aggravated or even induced by a corneal damage.

Over 70% of those suffering from acute skin diseases are believed to have some level of harm at their outermost barrier. Also those with greasy skin can have dry skin, so don't be deceived by greasy skin and humidity! EVERY skin texture can be hydrated because the external barrier has been changed, losing its capacity to store perspiration.

So what causes a corrupted barrier to begin? You have several causes why your largest external barrier is beginning to deteriorate: Too long an experience with any of the above factors can lead to changes in the skin structure involved in storing and balancing humidity. All this information is telling us that we need to reach a healthy level of skin cell moisturization to fix the outermost skin barrier.

As you improve these facets of your lives, you should start taking measures to improve your skin care routines, such as using colder waters for cleansing and rinsing, changing to a mild cleaner, preventing hard peels, and restoring the moisture content of your skin. What you can do is to use warm face washes, too often clean your face with warm vapor or warm tap and remove your skin oil or scrub your skin too often.

The only thing that will do this is dehydrate, remove and harm the external barrier, making it more difficult for your skin to retain it. Hard chemical substances in your face / cosmetic treatments can cause the skin to become weakened and undressed, leading to irritations and worsening of the lipids. The use of hard peelings can actually scrape the skin (microscopically) and let moisture vaporize.

Don't neglect to apply suntan cream if you are planning to be in the sun for more than 20 min, as exposure to direct light can also affect the lipide film. Apart from the above, here are a few things you should keep in mind to repair your barrier quickly: lipids are great constituents that can be used because they have a tendency to replicate those found in the Stratum Cortneum.

Moisturizers are indispensable for the repair of the outermost barrier as they absorb waters from the depths of the skin and from the dampness of our surroundings. These moisturizers are sucked into the Stratum corneum where they store and repair the skin's hydration. The use of components such as cupric pepper, milk acids and PCA helps to restore the protective layer of acids and balances the skin's own moisturising factors.

In particular, I like to use home-made roses to restore the correct PH and condition the skin for moisturizers and moisture-repellent substances. Contents such as Sheabutter, Avocadoöl, Sonnenblumenöl, Kakaobutter, Jojobaöl, Squalen, Macadamianussöl, Nachtkerzenöl and Baobaböl are marvelous softeners and wealthy in Phytosterinen, which cure the skin and protect against drying out.

The use of skin protection products helps to keep your skin smooth, silky and taut. Up to now we have learnt that the keys to good skin moisture are the following factors: Are you suffering from an affected external skin barrier? Which were your penetrations in the reparation of barriers?

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