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Do you need a fresh theme idea for your next cocktail or birthday party? Make a step back into the past and turn it into a retro party or a retro birthday party. Bollywood can be further narrowed down to a specific film or a more general one such as Bollywood Retro. A retro style is a style that consciously derives or imitates trends, music, fashions, fashions, fashions, fashions or attitudes of the past.

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Do you need a refreshing theme for your next drink or your next anniversary celebration? Make a move back in history and turn it into a retro or retro anniversary celebration. During the 60' and 70' it was a decade of freedom and romance, a decade of dance, a decade of mad clothes and grooving tunes that made it an excellent theme for your next event.

Below are some funny retro party tips that will help you schedule the perfectly groovey get-together that your score won't be forgetting! Submit retro invites to give your customers a glimpse of what awaits them at the event. Use a retro colour scheme and a retro invite text to give your invite style a classic look.

A few popular expressions from the 60' and 70' are: groove, retro-cool, gee viz, bombastic, radically and funny. Take a look at this retro free Twister invite to get some great idea! Equip your room with many retro partys. Bind peacemakers, smilie faces, glowing floral motifs, vinyl tops, batik tablecloths, Kaleidoscope and discotheque globes into the decor.

Make a discotheque dancing area with a revolving mirror globe and coloured candles. Retro decoration gives your customers the feeling that they will step back in real life as they go through your doorframe. Eating: Include the theme in the meal by dining retro-style. During the 70' s there were easier periods, so that simply old-fashioned meals fit perfectly to this theme.

Even if you're thinking of a retro-concert, take a few setbacks into your meal. Example of a retro-party menu: In order to give your retro parties atmosphere and enjoyment, make a play list with classical music from the 60' and 70'. A few artist that should be included are: Integrate retro-game parties to make your parties one-of-a-kind.

A simple play is to hold a fancy dress competition during the celebration and give a price to the best people. Courtesies: Create pouches of gifts full of retro parties for your customers to take home at the end of the day. A few things that are included in the pocket are old-fashioned chocolate and chocolate bar, yo-yos, paddle balls, slinky, jacket & ball kits, Rubik's dice and China handcuffs.

This is the ideal way to finish off your retro partys. So put on some polystyrene, tie up your go-go boot and get yourself set for a groove at your retro-event!

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