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and Roxy's grill cheese to a fantastic retro bar arcade experience. COOLE VINTAGE-LOCATIONS AND RETRO-FUN! Ten best mid-century classic restaurants in L.A. Pretend you're in madmen.

Discover America's Finest Mid-Century Restaurant, a brilliant, colourful coast-to-coast trip through the dining establishments your parent or grandparent went to on unusual events - many of which are still with us, at least for the being. The Wacko/La Luz De Jesus Gallery is celebrating the publication of the books with a Saturday night celebration at 7 p.m. - the Dresdeners pour their cocktails of sand and bloody drinks, Tam O' Shorter makes Schieber and Lawry's Prime Rib gives away 50 of her renowned spiced salted and peppered baddies, tailor-made for the event.

We recently asked Moruzzi to commend the best of the Los Angeles classic. Browse the page for his selection of the 10 best classic restaurants in the city - see them while you still can. Well, the brainchild, and that's what Richard Frank said about the cartwagon at Lawry's, is that the show of food takes place right at the dinner.

Lawry`s The Prime Rib: Cofounder Lawrence Frank specifically created the carriage, which he designed so that humans could come to their tables and select the desired slice of flesh. Continuing the traditional way with wardrobe dresses - waiteresses wearing the same wardrobe dresses they have been wearing since the 1930s. The menus are just about the same - salads, rolls, baked potatoes and then the things in the car.

Lawry's also made up the idea of having lettuce as the first course, as distinct from the last course where it began. "Classical lounging restaurant where Marty and Elayne have performed since 1982. The equipment alone in half of the restaurant is definitely something to go there for. Los Angeles, 323-665-4294.

"Taylor?s is just a big steak house in the heart of L.A. Unlike Lawry?s, it has no parking carts, so it is more classic, but it has the deep wooden wall, big cabins, a big pub, great coctails and waiter that have been doing it for a long while.

"3361 West Street West8th, Los Angeles, 213-382-8449. "The Taix story goes back to a time when many Hollywood decorators were talking about Hollywood food. You would be recruited to write a topic, and that is a francophone topic. It' s old Franco - the chair, the house, the exterior, Dutch Franco vernacular, in which you have plaster and open timber, referred to as half scaffolding - the house has a rustic Franco look outside.

Inside it is more tradition - brown timber, dimmed light, blankets, and of course the menus are always francophone. Los Angeles; 213-484-1265. It'?s like an old Jagdschloss thing. Wearing these tight dresses, bayer styles, long dresses, a big neckline. Just has all the great features of an old British restaurant from the middle of the last century. Here are some of the best restaurants in the world.

"from the 1920s. It' the oldest family-run restaurant in Los Angeles. You are serving British cuisine, and you also have short clothes - slightly Scotch looking. Los Angeles, 323-664-0228. The Musso & Frank Grill: "A great Hollywood waterhole that has always been there, amazing coctails, famed for their Martini, Sidecar and Manhattan, and they have a little coctail decanter that they are serving with the mains coctail, so you two basically have two dots.

Also unbelievable meals - and they have an open wood barbecue, very traditionally. "You have the back door, because in Los Angeles, when the automobile really began to predominate, the major doorways of many of these places went from the road to the back, because there was the backyard.

"It'?s a classic meal of veal and alcoholic beverages. However, the topic is interesting because it is all about race - everywhere you see either a trophies, a picture of a horses or a Jockey. It is a long standing custom, 50, 60 years ago, where restaurant have pianobars.

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