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An evaluation page is a website on which evaluations of persons, companies, products or services can be published. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to conduct online evaluations. Evaluating and reviewing websites can have a big impact on your bottom line. To know which review pages are important depends on the type of industry you work in. Below is a list of the most popular consumer rating sites.

23 customer rating pages for recording business and product ratings

Yelp! And I think you can get them to show up in Google Maps, too? "), but we don't exactly have a wash lists with available choices. Browse our best review sites for B2B and B2C businesses.

Remember that every sector also has its own business niches. It will not get to sites that are unique to an individual business, but it will offer review sites that are relevant to companies in almost every business. One of the first on-line shops to enable users to publish product ratings in 1995, Amazon continues to be one of the most important resource for users to make educated purchasing choices.

Com -- unless it's petrol or drugs utensils, in other words -- then many folks look up his Amazon review before deciding to purchase. What will seperate your products from a one that looks exactly like this?

and good client ratings. Our product ratings are ranked on a five-star ratingscale, ranked by percent of ratings per asterisk, followed by the most useful ratings and the most recent ratings. Angie's List is a "high-end" review website aimed at US services companies because members actually have to buy into it.

As a rule, the critiques that are submitted on an A-F rating are very well thought out - not much of the talk and enthusiasm that is more usual on free review sites. Ratings cannot be anonymized, which can help reduce false or false representative ratings, and organizations may also reply to ratings published about them.

As soon as you have yours, urge your clients on Angie's mailing lists to post ratings - members are the only ones who can! It is a member-funded review website located in Australia. Independent testers of our own range of goods and provide our members with independent assessments. Most of her work consists of trying out different types of goods and providing different types of service, making comparison of different goods and publishing shopping lists.

However, they also allow members to evaluate and debate certain brand and model products with other members of the Group. When you have clients in Australia, we encourage you to encourage those who are available to choose to give ratings there. The Trustpilot is a fast-growing, community-driven rating system headquartered in Denmark, although it has grown from Europe to 65 markets, among them the U.S. The Trustpilot business rating system assists organizations around the globe to actively gather ratings from clients.

It is the clients who make both evaluations of products and sellers and have these reviewed by third parties. Whilst they have a free base release (so you can build a profiles page and gather client reviews), their chargeable releases allow you to build custom rating invitation, sharing scores and rating on online community and linking rating information to your own in-house trading system.

Like TrustPilot, the Swedish company TestFreaks is helping businesses actively gather client ratings and add vendor ratings to them. Your Q&A capability, which allows potential clients to ask and get Q&A directly from your support group. What? is an impartial consumers assessment organisation that assesses and evaluates a product and then reports on it.

Contrary to Angie's cunning, it's the guys with them? Who writes the critiques -- not the clients. You do not agree to submit entries for tests or surveys, but you are encouraging individuals to inform you about their offers and offerings by sending an email to Whilst this gives less room for you to control whether your items end up on their website, it's still valuable to be informed about and visit this favourite website, especially if you have UK consumers. The website has ratings for everything from dish washers and pills to automobiles and major credits.

You test and check all these devices yourself and then review their methods and results. You will also conduct client interviews about things like the best and badest companies for client services. Seventy-five per months to gain entry to a "Best Buys" and "Don't Buy" lists, the latest product ratings from their test laboratories and entry to their consumers' advocacy services.

ConsumerReports is an impartial consumer test organisation that conducts impartial reviews to evaluate and promote consumer goods. You checked over seven. Seven million items, not accepting advertisements and paying for all the items they test. So as such, there's not much to do here, "except" when you are selling a gadget, make sure it's really, really good.

The review criterions, overview of products, a shopping list and button for societal use are provided for each of the products they evaluate. When you' re in the global travelling, hospitality, aviation, hospitality or entertaining industry, you should review the articles on the TripAdvisor website. It is the biggest website for travellers in the whole wide range of the globe with more than 225 million ratings, views and pictures of travellers.

TripAdvisor says the favoritism rank order algorithms are built on three core components: quantitative, qualitative, and up-to-date ratings. Encourage your visitors to post ratings and use our self-service reminder tool to remember them after checking out. However, providing an incentive for ratings is against the rule - take a look at our guidelines to make sure you know what's right and what's wrong.

Visitors who have experienced first-class friendliness and an unforgettable event tend to rate it positively. Watch what former appraisers wrote to see what worked best for your real estate and what didn't, so you can keep up and enhance your services. Current ratings have a greater effect on your list of favourites and older ratings have less influence on the rating of a particular rating over the years.

Reinvigorate guest reviewing to bring your site's contents up to date. "Yelp is a free rating site where consumer can vote for companies on a five-star rating basis. Every company can create a free Yelp company account, and people can create their own free Yelp company account to review a company.

You can also answer to critics, but we suggest a measured and courteous attitude for any adverse review you get, as yeelpers are in a fairly close group. In recent years Yelp has also come under fire for some slightly questionable practice, such as incentives for companies to promote with them in return for playing the results for their store ("Pay us cash and we'll push bad reviews down!"). Yelp has also been the first to offer a number of other services to its customers.

Consumers have learnt to look at Yelp ratings as a whole and in terms of the power of the reviewers rather than being shut down by a company because of a poor list. However, it is still to your advantage to get a steady flow of positives on-line ratings going into your company's Yelp accounts so that satisfied clients are always at the top of your list - especially if you are a local company.

You''ll find that your personal information includes things like office times and locations, so your personal information often appears when someone views your company with Google. Do you know these critiques that come up with you when you Google for a company? In order to optimize your company's website for searching correctly, you should create validated account with your own directory - especially Google's, known as Google My Busines.

Receiving ratings, commentaries, images and so on, especially on Google, can give you a push in your searching. Google+ ratings can only be answered by validated Google+ pages. Mozilla Maps draws this information and these ratings into the application, so a great deal of it makes your company look more serious.

Like Google My Business Review, Yahoo! allows Yahoo! customers to publish Yahoo! ratings of companies with a five-star ranking system. So, while you may not want to spend your own resources to figure out the subtleties of Yahoo!'s algorithms, you'll get some cheap review on Yahoo!'s locally available offers for that 10%.

When selling FMCG, influenza windows is a rating page that you should definitely visit. influenza window offers client ratings and messages about consumers' commodities - especially skin care, cosmetics, make-up, hair care and other healthcare and personal care commodities. Users can browse the site by trade name or by a particular item they're looking for, and influenza window link to sites where users can buy the items.

Accompanied by many details and pictures, the book contains extensive articles. If you are active in the cosmetics industry, you should instruct your clients to check your product for influenza in order to gain new clients. Finance Online is one of the world' leading B2B & SaaS review sites with more than 2,200,000 unique monthly visits.

Every months they collect tens of millions of user ratings, with each auditor accredited via LinkedIn to make sure only real ones are sharing their experiences with the rest of the online gaming world. Owner ratings are built on granular polls that provide really deep insight into each and every utility. In order to reconcile different perceptions of the audience, each review also contains a thorough review, created by the in-house B2B expert teams that analyse important attributes of usefulness, such as feature set, integration, mobility etc.

The rating is then summarized in their own one-of-a-kind SmartScore system, which gives the reader a simple overview of what the expert audience thinks about each and every online store offering. And as an added benefit, their products pages are at the top of Google's list, so a few good ratings from users on their site could benefit your reputation.

When your company is selling softwares, you should be sure to have a G2 Crowd account. Over 1,00,000 individuals every months who want to buy free softwares review more than 300,000 ratings on this site to help them make better buying choices. Enterprises are rated on a five-star rating and the checks range from deployment and usability to safety and protection and support.

Reviewer answers question like "What do you like best? "and "'recommendations to others who looked at the work. "You can also upgrade and downgrade other people's ratings. TrustRadius, like G2 Crowd, is an on-line evaluation site for companies in the field of computer science. Reviewer on the site are authenticated via linkedin to ensure that they are user (although the reviewer themselves can still be anonymous), which allows the user to see what their linkin connection says about certain TrustRadius spyware.

They can use the site to search for scores from single businesses or juxtapose two businesses to see their five-star scores, screen shots of their produce, price detail and auditor's comment. As well as their corporate evaluations, they have compiled a series of category buyers' guidelines that include talented managerware, BI softwares, HR keyware, community relations tools, as well as A/B tests to help individuals find the right solution for them on the basis of thousands of evaluations and consumer evaluations.

You should then keep an overview of the evaluations and review of your application. Scores are built on a five-star scoring system, and each application has scores that list first with the most useful positives and the most useful negatives, followed by all scores from which the user can choose by score, date, and help.

You' ve created visibility so that with just a few mouse clicks, reviewers can see how many times they have downloaded and how many times they have reviewed it. The Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit organization, assesses all kinds of companies against a series of best practice how companies should deal with the people. You do not directly commend or support any company, product or service; you merely make available to the general public the information on your website about companies and whether you have fulfilled the requirements of the German Federal Bureau of Education and Research's accredition standard.

You will also check both accelerated and non-accredited companies. The list of the BBB corporate profiles contains general summary information, such as a brief biography of the firm and the firm's accreditation state, a record of all grievances about the firm and whether they have been solved, client ratings and the BBB's A-F credit ratings.

The Glassdoor is an appraisal page that will help everyone - from potential staff to potential clients to potential shareholders - get an impression of what a business really looks like from within. A lot of companies use it to create their own job brands so they can attract and hire talent, but you can also use the review to exchange internal improvements within your leadership group.

The creation of an employers bankroll is free, and it is simple to follow and answer ratings. You can, for example, configure alert messages so that you receive an e-mail each times a new rating is published, so that you can confirm and reply to it. On-line ratings also exists on websites that are not necessarily designed solely for the publication of on-line ratings.

A few companies use their corporate website and sites to promote on-line evaluations.... and some brand names simply get them without being asked, for better or for worse. What is more, some companies use their website and sites to promote on-line evaluations.... and some brand names just get them without being asked, for better or for worse. What is more, they get them for good or for not? Below are some sites that, if you decide (please, choose), can act as extra nodes for on-line evaluations. Do you know that there is a place on Facebook for Facebook users to rate your company?

It'?s probably... it's appropriately called Facebook Ratings & Reviews. Everyone who is signed in to Facebook can publish a review or review of a company. The only thing they need to do is go to the Reviews section on your site, click on the gray asterisks to select a review, and then type an option review.

You can make this rating publicly available, view it for your friend, or only view it for them. Twitter's ludicrously quick natures make it seem like a strange place to try to collect ratings. However, while people don't always look for ratings directly on Twitter (unless you may have launched some kind of review hash tag), they still index a tweet in your results.

This means that the users own free or less than free web page may appear in the service if someone is looking for ratings on your company. And not only that - there are things you can actually do with the positives that come to you. Starting with "Favorites" sweets that could act as good ratings in the near term will make it easy to find them if you want to use them in your own advertising.

Foursquare recorded 55 million MAUs in January. In addition to checking in at different places and companies with the application, you can also post ratings on Foursquare - another interesting place where your mark or company can be spotted by prospective clients looking for proposals - and five-star ratings.

When your company is dependent on pedestrian access - e.g. restaurant, café, boutique, etc. - you need to be able to make the most of the pedestrian area. Make sure your Foursquare Store Profiles are completed and up-to-date so that they can find you when they go to check-in and ask your guests to verify you there. It' an awesome place to publish the review you get (maybe you' re embedding some of those sweets you favored?) You could cut out a section of your website devoted only to review and testimonial, and even insert a blank page so lucky clients can leave their own unrequested review.

However, if you are an active proponent of good ratings and you find lucky clients who want to give you a good rating but don't have an account on sites like Yelp, Angie's List or Google, it's convenient to have a place on your site to post their friendly words. Also consider providing your own credentials on your landing pages and products pages.

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