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No WordPress Review Site Template is required. Twenty-five Fantastic WordPress Review Themes 2018 This is the best review of WordPress topics created and created in 2017. Several of these topics are conceived as blogs or magazines with an option rating system. Most others, however, are aimed at being used for the evaluation of products andervices. Such topics are well suitable for affilate marketeers and others who want to check a gadget, website, app or something else.

They can be used to evaluate various products and services and directly promote them through your website or direct your traffic to other resources through your affiliated link. Each design is fully customizable offering limitless colour choices, tens of user-defined widgets and enhanced design choices for easy set-up. Topics have a schema-compatible review system that is supposed to be used by Google and other large popular popular browsers.

The Quadrum is a totally astonishing and impressive, thorough, very fully equipped and high-functioning, enormously ambitioned and extreme contemporary, breathtakingly beautifully and fluently vibrant, energetically and brightly, colorfully and creatively, daringly and audaciously, unforgettably and uniquely, intrinsically reactive WordPress messaging and multi-purpose website themed. It is a high-performance and very comprehensive all-in-one application for novice and experienced Web masters that includes all the necessary functions to create a thriving, contemporary and appealing Web site for your Web site.

When it comes to providing compelling multi-media entertainment to a massively indiscriminate or diverse on-line public, Quadrum really does shine when it comes to providing attractive multi-media alongside any size of entertainment in a serious and sophisticated manner, by giving Quadrum Magazin and Newsletter outlets sites an autoritic vote that earns them respected and noticed, and always leads to higher volumes of visitor flow, share, reblog, and more, all of which, in combination with Quadrum's advanced features for advanced search and retrieval (SEO), makes your Quadrum site the ranking for all your search needs.

The Quadrum family of built-in tools adds cross-location functionality such as a high-performance review system that can quickly turn your Quadrum website into the most stunning current review on the web. Magic Mag is a neat and contemporary WordPress topic that you can use to publish a newsgroup, magazine/review website.

It' re WordPress 4.2+ compliant. It' constructed with neat and tidy HTML5 and CSS3 to make sure your website can keep up with the latest web page designs using the latest technology. It fully responds to all types of Internet-enabled portable gadgets. However, you always have the possibility to deactivate the reaction modus if you want.

Comes with a simple pull and pull home page build tool that lets you easily build a page design for your website. The Magic Mag WordPress themes are available in a broad and a box version. There are various homepage layouts available, more than 20 backgrounds, broad home scrollers, bright and dim headers, stunning page browsing, support for various mail sizes, user-defined pages and much more.

There' a clever option pane that lets you activate or deactivate and modify almost any part of your look. It comes with a fantastic affiliate application that will help you link your affiliate profile to your website and help your affiliates simply post and distribute your site.

In addition, Magic Page is included to add your own logos and favorites to your website so your brands can be recognized quickly and effectively. A highlight of this topic is the built-in rating system, which is equipped with various rating criterias such as star, percent and points. In addition, it contains SEO-rich micro data derived from your review in order to increase your results and your website's presence on the web.

It is also fully optimised for Sony Ericsson and comes with an integrated, portable and user-friendly interface. The NanoMag is a first-class WordPress magazine topic, which is characterized by a contemporary look and a very fluent lay-out. Customize this professional-looking WordPress topic in full width or in box out. The NanoMag comes with an Enhanced Topic Option pane that lets you modify the look and feel of your review website.

The topic has a "Post Review" function that allows you to post review items in a classy and appealing way. Creating an on-line shop in your website is very simple as this topic provides assistance for the WooCommerce plug-in. If you want to make your website more socially and interactively engaging, don't bother, NanoMag is also fully embedded in cbPress.

That topic is prepared to help your company extend your on-line visibility without too much hassle. After all, many designers like this design because it's very easy, provides comprehensive on-line technical assistance, and provides free life-time upgrades. The MagOne is a colourful and slim, stylish and contemporary, portable, friendly and technical, reactive WordPress on-line messaging and magazines blogs website themed.

Using MagOne's high-performance Sheeit framework, customising your own custom pages and web sites from the ground up or using MagOne's high-performance pre-configured template pages is a simple, airy affair that is done through a one-click integration workflow and a simple pull & dropper for customisation and editing. High-performance, enhanced topic choices allow you to do almost anything with the look and feel of your MagOne mag or blogs, which is why publishers around the globe like MagOne; their own colour themes, transitions and page break style make your mag truly individual and unforgettable, keeping your audience interested and dedicated.

Infinitely high-performance professional-quality Widgets and shortcuts are readily available within MagOne or as interoperable third-party add-ons and expand the capabilities enormously. Thanks to state-of-the-art MegaMenus, unparalleled header and footer functionality, and full WPML language conversion compliance, MagOne is the 2016 topic! Looking for a well-designed WordPress topic for your review page that conveys authoritativeness and trustworthiness?

You should then choose the GOLIATH WordPress topic. It' is specifically engineered to generate ratings for products with an integrated scoring system, great overview utilities, and enhanced viewing of ratings in Google results. The topic reacts completely to different types of equipment. Featuring an easy-to-use front-end drag-and-drop creator supported by the Visual Composer plug-in, this premier topic makes it easy to build user-defined page layout and add numerous page items to those page layout.

Slider Revolution plug-in is also part of this website template so you can insert professionally and dynamically designed slider images and contents into any of your postings and pages. Topic contains the Planetshine Megamenu plug-in, which lets you build fantastic drop-down screens for your website. The intelligent Megamenu also improves the ease of use and navigational features of your website.

The design uses a very efficient administration console to make the back end of your design as easy to use as possible. You can also change the look of this topic using the interactive imageditor. Spotlight ing this topic provides tonnes of fantastic shortcuts and widgets to make website creation quicker and simpler. It is also fully incorporated into the WooCommerce plug-in to help you administer and create an on-line shop for your goods.

It is fully compliant with BuddyPress & BudPress, so you can build an engaging on-line audience within your website. When it comes to inclusion, individuals are confident that they should come back and take part in the discussion in the forums section of your website. Comes with integrated advanced search engine optimization (SEO) functions so that your website is easily seen on the web.

The eBook WordPress themes are WordPress 4+ compliant and are developed with HTML5 and CSS3 encoding to help you keep up with the latest web-standard. Developers have developed their own robust Bootstrap 3 technology-based frameworks for simple website creation and design adaptation. You' ve also pooled it with the Visual Composer plug-in, a high-performance page build tool that can help you build endless page layout for your website.

Humans could use any device such as desktops, tables and cell telephones to get easy to your website because it is highly reactive and runs seamlessly on any advanced portable device. WordPress Engine topic comparator system is incredibly light and efficient. It' AJAX-based and fully compliant with the W3 Total Cache plug-in.

The verification or evaluation system uses asterisks, numbers, percentage rates and letters to evaluate goods or a service. This shows the rated criterions so clients know what other folks think about the item. Search Engine WordPress topic for review website also contains Fontello symbol font, works well with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9+, Firefox, Smarts and eye-catching Megamen u, AJAX mail sort, page break, endless load and other awesome topic functions.

Smoothly crafted, this design also integrates the WordPress jQuery and jQuery UI library for quick power and high plug-in compatability. Finally they thoroughly tried this topic with Pinngdom/ GTMetrix and developed it for instant speed performances. The Newsmag is a neat and contemporary WordPress topic that lets you effectively post and review your review on-line.

A challenging and feature-rich topic, it' just right for creating a trustworthy and believable on-line review site. When you buy this themed game, you get six distinct and extremely customisable piles. One of the features of this subject is its clear and flawless styling, which is equipped with bright accent colours. Covering a large blank area, this topic makes a great place for you to emphasize your contribution and draw your audience's eye to your work.

Developers have packaged it with the Visual Composer plug-in, a high-performance page build tool that can help you build endless page layout for your website. We also support YouTube video and have an incredible review system. Finally, this advanced review site topic will support highly reactive Google Ads and AdSense, so you can also make additional cash with your review site.

The Gridlove is a classic, write-oriented WordPress topic. There come tons of beautiful ready-made layout and a great responsive look. The gridlove has several header files and is available for Widget. You' ll find that it is fully screen-capable and cross-browser-aware. The DialyMagazine is a uniquely slim WordPress topic designed for construction work.

Developers encoded this advanced design using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Absolutely fast and adaptable to any type of equipment. This comes with great functions that are necessary to build an effective review website, such as mega-menu, review and evaluation system, filtering galleries and large amounts of banners.

It is a contemporary and unique reactive WordPress topic with many great functions for a review site. The design is WordPress 4+ compliant and optimised for use on tablets and portable workstations. In addition, it also incorporates a simple review system, limitless review criterias and integrated Social Share and Love Button, which are perfectly suited for a review page.

The EventBuilder - WordPress events directory topic is the most intuitively, user-friendly WordPress topic for Web masters, who collect evaluations of all sorts. Although judging what happens at a particular venue is a naturally powerful part of the subject, its open approach to designing allows you to use it to review and curate any effort.

Whilst the subject keeps things naked optically and puts your contents at the centre of your exclusive interest, you will find a whole host of useful aids inside. High performance frontend supports ready-made registry and logon form, only two of the different available formms. There are three different kinds of form front-ends, and custom element adding and rating template elements are all contained and extremely adaptable, with the verification form itself fully adaptable from box to box to the contents of your core.

Ratings are compiled automatically and you can select whether or not you want to make them public. The topic also quickly adapts to any display on which it appears, making it universally interoperable. Actually, the foosball is the automated list of your rated articles and associated review, which can organize all administrative provided category and custom provided tag, all searable.

Optimizing your search for content will help you publish your ratings and increase your audience, which only works if you get more ratings. You will never see the end of current user on your rating website after you have decided to set up this topic (with a click!). Please refer to this full report for more information on this topic.

The Valenti is a neat, contemporary, cutting-edge WordPress Review publication created for discerning people. It' a very adaptable WordPress topic with a easy drag & drop page creator, limitless colour variation and much more. There is also a contemporary scroll effect on this subject that no other subject can have.

In addition, the developer continuously updates this topic with good documentations. In addition, this topic will support WooCommerce Tools and BuddyPress to help you easily create your own communities and/or eCommerce website. Jigsaw is a current topic for WordPress with great possibilities. Installing the design on your website will not make it look like other sites.

It' also a very adaptable WordPress topic with infinite colour variation, raster layouts and built-in verification system. In addition, it is conceived according to the Metro UI principle. The PowerMag is a neat, contemporary and crisp WordPress Magazine/Review WordPress themes with extended functions and yet still simpler and easier to use user interfaces. The design also includes a page drag-and-drop creator for added customization.

It' the right topic if you are dealing with the incredible amount of functions that will help you build a professionally website. Sayhifa is a neat, nice and diverse WordPress topic developed for magazines, messages, blog, reviews or any other website. It' s a very adaptable design with a variety of useful functions such as progressive review system, translations and multi-lingual, finished kernel.

It is the bestselling WordPress publication, with over 7,000 sales in less than a year and rising. The Pravda is a neat, contemporary and diverse WordPress blogs and magazines topic. The Google rich Snippets recognizes this topic because it has an enhanced review system. Pravda offers 10 user-defined Widget, 8 widget areas and 6 homepage layout options that you can further optimize.

Engineers have also optimised this topic for all tablet size devices, smart phones and desktop devices. After all, this topic has garnered breathtaking customer and user feedbacks. Stylish, contemporary and very adaptable, WordPress is Team. Engineers used The Verge, a widely used review site for gadgets, as a resource for designing the theming.

You can also use this topic, however, to resell affiliated goods. The ExtraNews is a neat, minimalist and slim WordPress topic designed to be a WordPress Magazin. It' s a one-of-a-kind subject with an innovative evaluation system that differs from what we have seen in other subjects. I' ve used this topic for my customer sites and commend it to everyone.

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