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You can get Wix free for as long as you want, but if you need professional features like your own domain name or priority support, you'll need to choose from one of five premium plans ranging from "Connect Domain" to "VIP (US only)". Wix, creative websites; the Wix Editor offers you the greatest flexibility. Wix is the right Website Builder for you? To learn more about the features and alternatives of Wix, read our free Wix test in our detailed test.

It was Wix who created the Norman township website.

The Wix Review 2018 | Advantages and disadvantages of using Wix

Pros - Simple to use, many great designs, functions suitable for a wide range of businesses. PROS - Less choices for experienced user like HTML coding, reduced choices to two in the shop. The Wix is a real What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Web Builder - but that makes it incredibly simple to build a website because you can see what you're doing while you're working without having to navigate through a series of menu pages.

One of the easiest web sites we've tested so far, Wix is an outstanding option for those with no web designing expertise. Subscribing to a Wix site is just a question of name and e-mail, then the user is led directly to a wide range of templates available.

The Wix has a multitude of styles that address more than just one kind of store - there are choices for companies and shops as well as photography, music, other arts and dining. As soon as the preset is chosen, the user is taken directly to the web site similar looking editors, with the exceptions of some other tools and menu bars.

Because the Wix-Iditor looks so much like the website itself, it is amazingly simple to use. When you click it, you'll see text processing features and even the ability to include animations. People can even click the Browse menu to manipulate it or browse to the other pages.

Editors visually styles mean that very little can be dug through menu to find the right function. However, the user does not have to adhere to what the templates offer. Navi buttons on the far right have a plus symbol that allows the user to insert items such as text, pictures, slide shows, and applications.

The edit settings are displayed again when the new element is selected. If you click on the upper symbol on the leftside of the editors (it looks like a empty page) you will get to the pages that are there and you can also create new ones. Its disadvantage is that there aren't many sophisticated functions in the easy-to-use Webbuilder, although most people won't even realize it.

User cannot directly append their own HTML but an HTML coding application allows adding outside HTML content. Although Wix may not be as full-featured as Shopify, it does offer more than just the basic features, plus the consideration of voucher numbers and the adjustment of dispatch and control settings. Go to the storefront by selecting the page item, and then make your purchase.

Clicking on a specific item will bring up an item that will take the user to a screen where they can edit the available items. According to the ease of use of the shop, new customers are led directly to a 3-minute introduction to the use of the shop. The shop front is quite uncomplicated even without the film.

Each tab organizes the fundamental choices, such as orders, products, payments and currencies, vouchers, shipping and taxes. When you click "Add Product", you will open a new screen with all the boxes where you can enter detailed information about the item, such as name, images oder videos, text, pricing and sales prices, as well as a tape or specific notice above the item.

You can also include additional features (such as resize and color), but the user is restricted to only two per item. This won't be a big deal for most, but if, say, a cosmetic firm has different fragrances, different shapes and different types of skins for a single item, they have to include the item as a seperate item because of this two-option cut.

As well as the addition of items, customizing the store front option is fairly easy. Although it is a simple text processor, you can still continue to enter voucher code on the voucher page, selecting the data, rebate and limit. Shipment and control are also available and not something that is part of a high price parcel. You can also blog to any Wix website.

There is a short guided walk through the process for new visitors, but again it's quite simple. When you click on a contribution, you get to an editing tool that WordPress user can easily adapt to. Contributions can be flagged as those displayed in the sidebar, and the use of tagging to organise contributions is also an opt.

It' easy to add and change items in the Wix Website Builder, but there are a few ways to customize the look by simply pressing the brush button. Font styles, colour choices and page backgrounds are among the customisable choices. Processes like putting your logos in the headers are all done in edit modus, so the styling choices are not overwhelmingly available.

The Wix template is quite well crafted, although Wix offers some uncommon PowerPoint-like functions, among them the addition of page to animation transition. This might be a function that some may find useful, but just as extravagant animation in a PowerPoint is not very professionally done, many are better off to leave these choices alone.

The page can be displayed at any point during processing as a portable edition instead of the full edition using the symbols at the top of the screen. Although it is an easy-to-use system, help resources are available without exiting the editors by simply click on the quiz button at the top right.

Full access to a full suite of technical assistance is also available if a user cannot find what they are looking for in the Help Basics. The Wix is a great website building tool for those with no web designing expertise. The editing is done on what you see, so the search for the right options is very small.

Whilst experienced editors will note the shortage of user-defined HTML coding, functions such as voucher coupons are still available without having to pay for an extra vagant bundle. Wix is a basic web constructor that still provides sound styling and is well placed for small shop owner who are excited to create their first ever website in directories.

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