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The Revolution is the latest addition to our growing list of successful topics. The Revolution is a modern WordPress theme that lets you easily write articles and blog posts. Revolution debate - Creative multipurpose theme Is it possible for a foldout element to open a movie in the flare instead of going to the foldout projec? It' only possible to open pictures in the lighting fixture with portfolios, but it should be quite simple to include supports for YouTube and Vimeo. This can be added by our technical department if you ask for it in our technical board.

Can you please open a supported tickets and order it as a function? How do you build the Movie Hover portfolio shown on the demonstration using the Movie Portfolios demonstration? If I click on the demonstration in the import page of the Page builder, nothing is added and there doesn't seem to be a filtering options.

Every help on how to do this would be very useful. Hello, each portfolios has its own attitudes. Portfoliolist Type > Choose Movie. However, how do you make the bottom bar motion? hi is dhmcs included in this theme? This bug occurs when trying to deploy the Revolution plugin:

The plug-in is not enabled. For this topic a higher level of Revolution - Required plug-in is required. Feel free to upgrade the plug-in. Yes, it's in the design.


The one-click integration with our theme imports lets you quickly and simply add all your example contents from our demonstration pages to your design with a click. Simply change your style within the same theme by bringing in different demonstrations. The design is optimised to look great on any web browsers, screens and devices.

When you are an expert WordPress customer, you don't need to convince yourself why WordPress is the ideal tool for your shop. But if you're new to WordPress, you might wonder why you should. The following pages are dedicated to the revolutionary theme.

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