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The Rhythm Wordpress theme was introduced on webdesignledger.com. Starter theme for WordPress with Bootstrap Ace, Bourbon, Font Awesome and Grunts.

Rhythm: A new trendy multi-purpose wordpress theme for creative people

The Rhythm is a fast-reacting, fashionable WordPress theme that can be arbitrary. The Rhythm range includes over 50 different demo tracks in either singles or multipage formats. When you own a photo shop, shop, blogs or any other type of enterprise, this topic can enhance your prospects.

The Rhythm has a minimalist, clear styling that makes it ideal for anything you want. In spite of its complex ities and the multitude of functions, the setup procedure lasts less than 2 min and can be done with just one click. At Rhythm we've already won several prizes, and it's a recipient of the honourable mentions at Awwwards (that's huge!).

The WordPress theme is creatively and flexibly designed and includes several pages and items to adapt the design to your own needs. If you are, for example, a professional and you will be creating a Rhythm based folder, you can build a broad, boxesed, masonry, singles, pallax and promotional folder. When you' re a blogsman, Rhythm will be the right fit for you.

Easily build classical, individual, masonry, and column blocks with various side rail choices. It also provides many useful functions for the owners of on-line shops. In addition to various page items that you can include during edits, the design provides functions such as button panels, toolbars, grids, symbols, slider bars, tabbed pages, news, type, and headings, to name a few.

This is a listing of the most important rhythm functions: The RTL layout, RTL-capable type. Rhythm lets you build both one-page and multi-page web sites. This theme also includes Visual Composer, the WordPress #1 plug-in for website construction and its drag-and-drop functionality does not require any programming knowledge. Plenty of portfolios and blogs are in place that allow you to build a website that' s perfect for the needs of your company.

WordPress plug-in with high-performance graphical editing that makes the creation of a sliders as simple as ABC. Rhythm lets you customise virtually any item on your prospective website, be it a unique icon or an entire page. Together with the theme design, you get over 400 fantastic symbols that you can use on your website.

There are five different Rhythm postings, so you can generate text mail, image, gallery, videos and quotes, which means infinite opportunities to present your information there. This topic also contains specific demonstrations for the creation of building, magazin and target pages. With Rhythm you can add a movie to your website from almost any advanced content delivery system like YouTube, Vimeo, Blip. tv, Viddler and even Kickstarter.

Plus, when you purchase Rhythm, you get multi-layer PSDs so you can modify the theme in Photoshop itself and then insert it into your website. Normally we have an LTR lay-out (from links to right) on our sites and equipment. Because of the latest Rhythm updates has RTL lieouts and typefaces that may be useful for Arabic or Hebrew.

It should also be useful for left-handers if the normal LTR layouts are too clumsy for them. You will also receive 6 month free of charge after purchasing the Rhythm Theme. Topic creators are kind and consider new topic proposals from their site visitors. The Rhythm theme helps you get the strength to expand your website as your company expands!

So don't delay and buy Rhythm today for only $59! Please let us know in the commentaries below what you think of rhythms!

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