Risen Wordpress Theme

Resurrected Wordpress Theme

The Risen is a flexible community and a non-profit WordPress theme available on Themeforest. Resurrected includes all the characteristics that a church, religious group, community group, or other nonprofit organization might need. Among the best features of Risen is the post type sermon (or multimedia). The high-resolution theme is responsive, versatile and clean.

Resurrected - Church WordPress Theme (Responsive) by StevenGliebe

The WordPress motif has all the functionality a WordPress website needs - a fast, actionable web site theme, preaching archives, photography and videogallery, periodic meetings, multi-site assistance, employee profiling, and local newscast. Preaching library is completed with the possibility for visitor to browse according to categories, day, date and speakers for voice, text, audio as well as videos.

Preaching Podcasting is integrated. Retina-enabled Risen designs and features advanced adjustment features that make it simple to modify the colours, lettering and backgrounds of the designs. It is also useful for non-church sites that need extensive multi-media publication facilities for sound, videos and photographs and want to advertise an event. It can be completely re-named with theme option so that it is a WordPress theme not only for parachuting, non-profit and charitable organizations, conferences sites and multi-media presentations libraries, but also for parachuting.

The topic is well written with about 50 pages of organised, easily understandable manual that explains how to use the functions. In addition, a number of additional videos are provided. theme of the Risen Christ was conceived to be quick to respond. The Risen is also a retina-compatible motif, so it looks particularly crisp on the latest high-resolution display.

It has been designed to be easily customizable to fit your liturgical message in the WordPress administration area. Place your pastors' messages on line in sound (listen on-line or load down MP3), streaming videos (YouTube or Vimeo), on-line text or PDF files for downloading. The theme provides a rugged multi-media repository where you can organize your messages and search by categories, days, speakers, months, days and years.

Added preaching Podcasting functionality in 2.0 release. Upload your messages to iTunes as a Podcast. Sharing your churches pictures and video using the theme's galleries functions. Make several " album " by dividing your photographs and video into category. Keeping your fellowship and your local government informed of what will happen by publishing activities.

Occurrences may contain date, time, postal addresses, Google Map and other information. Allows you to specify that an event repeats itself once a week, once a month, or annually, with an option for an end date. It is ideal for church worship and other regular meetings. As well as sermons, multi-media, photographs and meetings, Risen offers functions for publishing church news (blog), staff profiles, multi-site assistance and a contact form that can be customised with a number of receivers from which the user can select (e.g. Church Office, Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, etc.).

ecclesiastical happenings with the option of repeating by weeks, months and years. Contributions, pages, homilies, photographs, videos, meetings, places and employees search results. Multi-recipient Contacts Sheet and reCAPTCHA Anti-Spamupport. User-defined page templates for sermons/multimedia, event (upcoming, past), galleries (categories, all articles, pictures only, video only), places, people, blogs and contacts.

30 $ were deducted from the theme prize (previously 79 $). However, until the end of 2018, informal assistance will still be provided, from which time the topic will be dropped. There will be an upgraded trail to a newer theme from churchthemes.com before.

If you still have a technical issue, we will do our best to help you by the end of 2018. When you have a query that is not covered in the documentation or FAQ, or when you encounter a bug, you can use the contact us page to send a technical inquiry and get an answer by e-mail.

Notice: Our technical assistance is restricted to queries about the topic's functionality or issue with the topic. There is no provision for customization, third-party plug-ins, or WordPress issue not related to the topic. Below is feed-back from Risen and other WordPress or Web site expert WordPress usersĀ . There is much recognition for the individuals behind these useful endeavors and ressources used to create the theme and provide the real-time previews.

Please note: With the exceptions of wallpapers, the photographs and artwork shown in the Life Preview are not part of the theme. Except for wallpapers, the photographs and artwork shown in the Life preview are not covered by the theme. You cannot install this design at WordPress.com (no designs can do that).

I need you to hoster WordPress yourself. See WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

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