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Watercourses, brooks and sources

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Reset the river template: the potentials for climate-induced extremes of flooding to change river geometry and ecosystem - deaths - 2015 - freshwater biology

We expect to see changes in global warming that will transform the incidence of severe weather conditions, such as severe flooding. Changes in the incidence and severity of severe flooding in the near term will differ from area to area and could influence the spatial geomorphology of river habitats. Geo-morphological river structures determine the nature and abundance of habitats available to local habitats, so that changes in river habitats due to more severe flooding are likely to influence aquatic ecosystems beyond the immediate impacts of flooding as well.

Extremely severe flooding can amplify the action of a number of human -induced stresses, with potentially drastic impacts on fresh water eco-systems. High currents, for example, mobilize fertilizers, sediments and poisonous chemical substances and help to spread IS, while land-use changes and canalization affect retreat areas and limit recolonization routes. Extremely high flooding can also favour river and bank habitats, which currently have stunning man-made limitations and infrastructures to enhance biodiversity and river meadow area.

Managing the protection of lives and infrastructures from heavy river floods can change sewer geometry, environment and environment. Nevertheless, measures to prevent floods that take into account the nature of river forms could potentially alleviate man-made floods and thus restore habitats and historic eco-system functions. Our aim is to investigate possible changes in the geometry and geometry of river canals and alluvial plains resulting from changes in extremely high water regime and to consider possible impacts on the global fresh water biodiversity regime.

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