Rock Theme Restaurant

Theme Rock Restaurant

Here you can find reviews, menu and location of The Rock, Anna Nagar, North Chennai, Chennai, Chennai. We are an American restaurant specializing in fresh, homemade convenience food and local craft beer. Come and visit the Rock & Brews Bar-Restaurant today!

Family restaurant Buena Park | Rock & Brews

Rock & Brews - Buena Park is an US restaurant and pub with traditional luxury cuisine and locally brewed Crafts beers. Inside, our visitors are plunged into a rock-inspired adventure that consists of live lights, video footage of the great rock events of the past and rock artwork from rock face to rock face. Browse our infamous Great wall of rock for some of the greatest rock icon of all times.

Rock & Brews offers a classical yet inventive meal, adding a special touch to the luxury food you like. With the best and most comprehensive map of the region, including both local brews and global choices. Come and see us today to learn how we are re-defining the US restaurant and cafe.

The Buena Park is for those who rock by: Buena Park, belonging to and run by Jon Mesko, a French franchisee, provides both indigenous and al-Fresco foodservice. Join us today! Are you looking for taste and top workmanship? Rock & Brews - Buena Park is the place for you.

Classical convenience food and crafted beer with Rock'n'Roll viol.

Rock stars dominate the restaurant world

The Rock'n'Roll comes to life at Rock & Brews, the Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley own Rock & Brews label, where anyone can claim to be a rock actor. Rock & Brews is a restaurant that treated every client like a rock actor - that's the company's mission. It's a relaxed restaurant that offers video footage of classical rock acts and musical food.

However, unlike other popular cultural chain stores, Rock & Brews is a food-first approach where your songs are embodied in your own genes. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, co-founder of the iconic rock group KISS, own the name. The Rock & Brews approach was successfully implemented under the direction of Michael Zislis, a master brewer and gastronome with more than 20 years of professional expertise, and the Dave and Dell Furano brethren, long-standing professionals in the field of concerts and merchandise.

Gene-simmons' 16 keys to restaurant prosperity.

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