Romantic and Elegant Wedding Theme

A romantic and elegant wedding theme

Celebrating a decade of true love with family and friends, Christina and Ryan chose a classic romantic theme for their wedding. All of us love shabby, chic and vintage-inspired weddings, but we thought we'd upgrade them with some old-fashioned romantic elegance. Romantic Bohemian style weddings generally have a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere.

Classical & romantic wedding concepts

In order to commemorate a ten-year period of real loving with relatives and acquaintances, Christina and Ryan chose a classical romantic theme for their wedding. The flowers took on gentle tones of rouge, pineapple and Ivory, while decorations such as stools, crockery, a chandelier and a singly signed dancing surface centered on golden. Faithful to the classical theme, the newlyweds were shown in a classical Rolls Royce.

They were both Jamaicans, but the pair also chose to integrate culture items for visitors such as Lamaican rumpunsch, a reggae-father-daughter dancing and Lamaican fruitcake favors. To keep the celebrations going was a performer and performer at the welcome, followed by a firework display at dark. Have a look at our wedding registry and see their ratings!

Wedding ideas of romantic elegance

All of us enjoy sleazy, fancy and vintage-inspired marriages, but we thought we'd upgrade them with some old-fashioned romantic sophistication. Asley Therese Photography and some marvelous wedding sellers worked together to produce a magic shooting that ranged from a dinner landscape of silvery vintage items from the Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome to dresses by Lusan Mandongus and Justin Alexander.

So many more pictures can be seen in the complete wedding album.

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Smooth, romantic and elegant wedding plans

Michelle from Michelle from Michelle Wright Events: Inspired by the wonderful colours of ELD's branding and the mellowness of the winter colours and shades. I was happy to see how such different items could be harmoniously united. If I look at the different types, the ELD-Posts (Modern, Rustic, Classical, Elegant, Vintage, etc.), so many can move your hearts.

Lofts' wonderful scenery (a contemporary space) offered a smooth, uniquely rich range of greys, whites and greens for every picture. Maxie B's design of the pie seemed to catch a little of everyone in such a gentle and romantic way.

Creating wonderful bouquets is such a classical item. Clou are the nice branches made of sugars. Maggie Austin's work gave me my inspirations here. A wonderful wooden sales rack in country style was chosen for the pie, which was beautifully green. "The dress " was taken from our lovely pallet.

My roses melted and I blushed and sketched classical, elegant line that stood the test of it all. So many beautiful pieces that were old-fashioned (found on garage sales), dateted ( found and reworked) sterling silver pieces were blended in our dining landscape to create objects that chicks would sign up for in the finest shops.

I am stunned by the naturally smooth, romantic nature of these flowers. Michelle has created a classical, ageless look by combining different style elements. It is beautiful, and it is a beautiful mirror image of ELD as we offer all kinds of marriages. Many thanks to all the great suppliers who have brought their talent to this breathtaking inspirational shooting.

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