Romantic Elegant Wedding Theme

Elegant wedding theme



Violet, elegant and romantic genuine wedding theme.

Elegant and romantic genuine wedding in a wonderful lilac color with a lot of diamondé darkness.... and a firey finish! Just over two years after her first blinds date, Jon Kerry suggested a nacelle under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. "He wrote me a wonderful verse, with his suggestion in the last line, but it only sank when he fell on his knees in the water and made the most wonderful diamant ring," she says.

Jon's classic dress in gray pinstriped pants came from Pal Zileri, the dressmaker from Italy, with a dark violet tie by Dissy, matching the bridesmaids' outfits. "He was so rakish and good-looking, I couldn't wait to say "I want," Kerry says about Jon's genuine wedding costume. Kerry's three best buddies turned faces in strong lilac color in DESY clothes, with each maid of honor having a slightly different look to fit her outfit.

"Her clothes all had a touch of Hollywood 1930s glamour," she says.

Thirteen Classic Wedding Decorations for a Romantic Wedding

The 13 classical wedding designs give your wedding design a nice and ageless look. We' ll take a look at some of the features and colour scheme that give your personal classical wedding decoration a very special allure. Those really sweet his and her arrows are the ideal complement to your wedding décor, flanked by floral and bow designs in colours that suit your overall theme.

Wonderful floral arrangements and unobtrusive yet discreet candle holders make this one really unique and can provide heat in an otherwise cold season. Combine your wedding ceremonies with classical and elegant accents using wonderful wedding alter festoons. Especially the wedding outdoors can profit from this stylish arrangements with a plain monochrome theme, which would also work very well on a grassy area.

Like his and her characters, these golden mr and mrs characters work really well, especially when the stools are in dark, blue-green or amber. A vase does not always have to contain only the lightest hues of flower, as this distinctive array of branches and small bouquets shows.

Note how the illumination emphasises the overall appearance of the system. It is a great example of how to use golden to really enrich the wedding and at the same time create a discreet, elegant look. Rosa from the currents disturbs the melancholy, and the special golden tone succeeds in attracting your interest without being too arrogant.

As proof that contemporaries and classics can go well together, this easy and elegant way of arranging a flower gleams through the sparkle at the bottom of the jar, balanced by the classical appearance of the plain blossoms. No matter whether you are celebrating an open-air wedding or an indoors wedding, a sign is an outstanding complement, especially one that is as well made as this one.

It has the necessary charm due to the whiteness of the limestone with a certain amount of rose on the bottom and the clean writing. lf ever there was a classical and ageless color design for a wedding, rose and light blue (thrown in with some gold), it is. The various decorative features used in the above decoration show a mixture of the above colors with an extraordinary effect.

Sometimes, even if you let the rose fall completely, you can make it work perfectly, especially when you consider that the swimming pools give the wonderful exterior arrangements a chilly bluish tone. Every wedding outdoors would profit from such a lovely package. Flower can be exchanged according to the theme of your wedding.

When you celebrate an open -air wedding with a local pub, this little supplement could have a useful influence on the flow of events throughout the afternoons.

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