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One-click installation; PSDs included; Documentation; Support. FAQ for Rosa WP Topic Documentation WordPress - Why should I use WordPress?

Let us tell you a great deal about why WordPress is such a dependable choice for you. Does the topic work properly? Our theme are all fully functional, so you can use them from more than one gadget (phone, tablet, etc.). When do you refresh the topics?

Our in-house workflows and calendars enable us to keep all our topics performing and pertinent. Although we have an expansive range of WordPress topics, we have still managed to keep them all at the highest level. May I use my theme with Whilst we are selling some topics on, these sales cannot be transferred to a self-hosted WordPress page. is a translation agency (you don't get any downloadable files) and the source is different to some degree. My website is safe with your topic? We commit ourselves to develop and maintain our topics as safely as possible. They can rely on us to resolve any problems that may arise in the least amount of space of your life (provided they relate to our issues).

Where do I know when an update is available? Updating is important and we recommend that you keep an overview. In addition, we have developed a system that informs you directly in the administration area when new upgrades are available. Once your licence has expired, you will no longer get either upgrades or access to our free customerservice.

While you can continue to use the theme as it is, you will not get the benefits listed. Licensing a theme means the ability to create a website from our work. One licence is a one-time use of the theme and is charged on an annual basis and the costs of renewal are half of the original fee (e.g. if you use the theme for....

How do you mean when you say updated products? That is why we give our best and cultivate all our topics in a way that is long lasting, effective and appropriate. Enhancements to products includes new functionality, improved functionality, WordPress compliance, and safety reviews. Are you offering test drives on topics? It is our firm belief that the best test drive is to actually buy the theme and get as much as you want.

This is the only way you can recognize the true promise of our products, what is the benefit of our experiences with..... No, we want to concentrate our energies on cultivating and extending our WordPress topics offering a range of solutions to true WordPress issues. What are you doing selling WordPress topics here and ThemeForest?

We have four different ways of offering our topics, as follows: Julia, Gema, patch, beehive, silk theme forest: Fargo, Pink, Noah, Performable, Stack, Wood, Mies, Pile, Edge, Bucket, Lens WordPress. com: May I use the theme for self-hosted sites? Indeed, all of our WordPress topics are designed for self-hosted Web sites.

Are you offering a test edition for the topics? Therefore we give you the opportunity to gamble with our topics and within 30 workingdays you can request a full refund. Please contact us for a full quote. What is the main differences between and WorldPress is a publication plattform that makes it simple for anyone to post on-line and is proud to support billions of web sites.

There are two versions: the fully licensed and the self licensed and If I buy a theme from you, what do I get? As for the specific benefit, you will find: a one-year license for your theme (which means you get a 50% discount on the renewal at the end of the year); first-class support that will help you make the most of your theme.....

The WordPress system comes with its own robust comments system. Each WordPress theme comes with a comments default theme. Is it possible to continue using the design without extending my licence? Yes, you can still use the design, regardless of whether you want to jump over the extension. Understanding the importance of providing support, we want you to do your best to provide a great outing.

That' s why we offer you sound support when you buy a specific item in our store, as long as you have an available one.

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