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MMORPG Old School RuneScape experience tracker. Keep track of your personal winnings, compare with others and set records! Stage, Experience, Stage, Level, Experience, Stage, Stage, Experience, Stage, Stage, Experience.


In the following chart you can see the correlation between the different stages, the necessary expertise for this stage and the different expertise compared to the preceding stage. Dungeoneering was added on April 12, 2010, with a max of 120 and not 99 for earlier abilities. The 5th of October 2015 saw an upgrade that allows you to switch among different stages so that the other stages can reach up to 120 stages.

June 5, 2017, the Hunter skill's max ability was increased from 99 to 120. Even though you cannot go beyond 120, the amount of residual difficulty can be up to 200 million years. RuneMetrics does not show these steps in the gameplay, they are displayed by RuneMetrics. Excellent Crafts are following a different learning curve that makes it a little bit slow to advance at early stages, but quicker at higher stages.

Even though you cannot go beyond 120, the amount of residual skill can be up to 200 million years. Those avatars are seen in the gameplay, unlike 121-126 in non-elite skill-leveling.


Exposure, generally shortened asxp or xp, is a measurement of the advancement of a particular ability. Sometimes you can also gain XP by doing certain other things that are not necessarily related to the craft, such as complete ing a quest, receive a Surprise Test Chance Knowledge Book, receive a Narrow Chance Light, perform certain mini-games, receive a Cap'n Izzy No-Beard Chance Light for completion of part of the Karamja Power Diary, etc.

Once you have gained a certain amount of XP, you will be upgraded to the next stage in this ability, which can lead to new skills, among other things. For the next step, the necessary wealth of knowledge will increase by about 10%. As an example, 83 experiences are needed for promotion to stage 2, while 91 experiences are needed for promotion to stage 3.

The following is a chart showing the overall amount of expertise required for each stage. Experiences differ depending on the amount of experiences between the preceding and the next one. Notice that a 10% increase may seem gradual, but as with all exposure expansion, it quickly grows to 13,034,431 experiences needed for 99.

Stage 85 will require nearly a fourth of the required expertise for stage 99, and stage 92 will be nearly the same half of the range, and will require 6,517,253 skills. Clearly, this shows the backlog of experiences, which is growing fast at higher heights. Once you have reached this point, you can resume this ability, but you won't get xp anymore.

However, the equation that is required to compute the amount of skill required to achieve stage I is: "The amount of skill that is required to achieve stage I is the amount of skill that is required to achieve stage II: By ignoring the storey variables, the total is only a mixture of arithmetical and geometrical totals and can be further deduced to a self-contained continuously functioning with a definite plus actual value lettered ( meaning level).

Thus, the maximal fault at 99 would only be 100, while the real fault 9.97 is even lower. You can graphically display the necessary expertise for each skill setting. Presenting the necessary expertise on a straight-line chart shows that the necessary expertise is substantially Exponential. The representation of the same dates on a logistics dial shows that the graph differs from the representation of the expected functions before approximately 10.

Because of the exposure to exponentiality of the skill required for each stage (for stages above 10): to ascend 9 more occasions after ascending once, you need 15. Twenty-five xp x the xp needed for the starting Level up. Similar to 19 other ups, it takes 59 x the starting xp.

Upon completion of stage 30, the general skill needed to ascend will drop between 9-10% of your actual skill set. For medium to high 55+ grades, the leveling expertise needed is about 9.4% of actual leveling expertise up to 99.

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