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There are 2 great apps to help you run contests on your Wix site. We are all often subject to major competitions by well-known names, without realising that a competition can also be organised by a small enterprise on a smaller scale. For a small organization, providing a rewards is an ideal way to raise the profile of your franchise, attract attention and make your site more viral. What's more, it's a great way to help your organization get the most out of your website.

Enjoy yourself - In today's environment, our focus is tight and we often choose a website quite quickly. It is your aim to attract the interest of your website users as soon as they visit your website. Seamlessly integrate a Wix Apple Market Wix application into your website.

It would also help you to set up a competition, organise it and supervise it relatively quickly. Conducting a competition is a great way to help your website become virtual, retain your site viewers and earn sales. Generally, lotteries have an incentive for website users because they are very simple to use. By owning the website, he can quickly earn you some fast leads, set up your e-mail lists and attract interested people to your website and return the visitor to it.

Apple's Apple Contest application offers an elegant and convenient user experience that will help you accomplish all these things. Appforma allows your website to become virtual; when a user registers with one click to enter the contests, their Facebook friend is noticed. Surveys are a great way to get fast response from your website traffic and your members.

Humans enjoy answering quizzes, especially about their own preferences. Adding a picture to the survey will attract the user's interest right from the start. Attract traffic by asking your customers about your business or even the items you are selling on your website.

It' a great way to present your product to your customers or just interest them and improve their chance of returning. Appforma Social poll contest allows you to create a survey on your Wix page in just a few easy slices. Tip: Use something nice and/or provoke to achieve the most effective effect with this survey application.

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