Rythm Wordpress Theme

Rhythm Wordpress theme

Ratings for [Author is disabled] Rhythm I' ve been writing Wordpress pages for quite a while, and this is the first ever I' ve regretted having purchased a theme. Rhythm Theme has no versatility, which affects the overall look. Even worst, Themerella clients are not supported. Absolutely not recommended to buy Theme Rhythm or other Themerella-Topics.

Wordpress has some other nice topics to offer, so why go to the trouble? Make sure you buy one that gives you all the help you need for a nice, neat, fun website. Absolutely no backup. Errors in the source and developers who have adopted this topic simply do not respond.

There'?s no account management. Many mistakes and no service. No answer to the question of how to get help, many mistakes and mistakes.

It doesn't matter how much your phone is supported, no answer for 3-4 Mo.

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The Rhythm range provides infinite choices with more than 38 different layouts and multiple items and moduls to select from. The theme is ideal for companies, advertising companies, portfolio companies, e-commerce websites and more. You will be chosen to be presented in the themed stores we work with, and trusted on the basis of their functionality and designs.

rythm - single and multi-page creativity theme

I' ve been working with the Rhythm artwork for some now and it was a great site for our ad-shop. Bestlooker was also very supportive and supportive of my queries and requests. I found the source tree much more clean than many other temples I have used in the past - very recommendable!

High quality service and follow-up help in customizing the submission. Time is a topic that is easily dealt with because the coding is clear and well organized. Bestlooker's technical service was quick and effective and met my needs.

It' one of the best looking topics out there. Clear coding, high visibility and supportive client service make this a great shopping trip for us. It is the best theme I have ever bought here on the thematic market place. Our technical assistance is very quick and very good. I' ve had some practice purchasing a pattern, but Rhythm is simply incredible, so nice and recognized, so intelligent and functionally.

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