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Check out the S-Turns HD Live Surfcam now so you can make the call before you go surfing today. TracFone supports T-Mobile US Inc. and Sprint Corp. mergers

The planned T-Mobile US Inc. Sprint Corp. fusion got backing from an unlikely resource - the biggest of the adversaries of low-cost radio operators says the transaction to bring together two of the nation's biggest operators would do most harm. In a September 13 Epistle to the Federal Communications Commission, TracFone said the $26 billion dollar proposal would help low-cost operators by giving them 5G network connectivity.

Adversaries to the transaction claim that it would increase prices for low-cost providers such as TracFone, whose subscribers use the T-Mobile and Sprint nets. MVNOs are low-cost cellular providers that acquire broadband connectivity to the major providers' cordless platforms to deliver services. Usually they are offering pre-paid schemes as opposed to post-paid schemes where the customer receives a one-month bill for cordless services.

Reuters' recent Reuters reports said T-Mobile had asked some small carriers to back the transaction. A message sent by T-Mobile to a cellular carrier not named by Reuters, indicating that the carrier was either submitting a supporting document to regulatory authorities - such as TracFone - or writing an op-ed and offering call points, among them that the transaction would encourage 5G.

The TracFone has not yet responded to a query as to whether it has actually obtained such an e-mail from T-Mobile. TRACTONE in the Brief to the FCC said it has 22 million subscribers and is the biggest portable MVNO in the word. We have not yet responded to a query for further information.

and Sprint own MetroPCS, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile brand names. Firms said in an August 30 submission to the FCC that they would remain the brand owner if the combination went through. Boost Mobile creator Peter Adderton said in the Business Journal early this year that a fusion would harm consumers already on their mobile phones.

Cheap labels like Boost, Adderton said, are lifeline for low-income consumers who can't pay for their post-paid schemes. A lot of pre-paid subscribers need pre-paid schemes because they have no or bad credits, and many depend on their cell phone as their prime resource for accessing the web. Recently, T-Mobile lowered rates to persuade regulatory authorities that the proposed transaction would not harm them.

Bellevue Chamber of Commerce has also recently sent a supporting message to the FCC confirming T-Mobile's assertion that the merged entity will have 5,000 new employees by 2021. FCC recently said it would take more elapsed urgency to verify the planned amalgamation.

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