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The Xbox One controls | Wireless Xbox One Learn why 90% of professionals use SCUF. Bring your play to the next stage with the fully-module SCUF Infinity1. Modify the length and form of the thumb handle, fully customize the trigger, and rearrange your kayak configuration as you ride. Each SCUF system is manufactured by hand and adapted to customer requirements. SCUF's patent-pending pedal system has established itself in e-sports, where over 90% of SCUF players are professionals.

The SCUF Pads have revolutionised the way we play and offer an alternate to artificial manual placement (such as CLAW action). Pads imitate the face buttons, so that the thumb remains on the thumb bar. The SCUF AXE Pads on all SCUF Infinity1 Controller are set by default to A (left paddle), A ( right paddle), L ( right paddle), L ( center L paddle) and D ( center R ) in addition to two normal pads.

Detachable and with EMR, these blades can be adjusted to any face-key. "Use the SCUF EMR Mag Key to switch the rear blades to most facebuttons. At the same time, push the Face key and the key you want to apply - order completed. The chopsticks are worn out like tyres on a automobile!

Replace your thumb sticks in seconds with SCUF's proprietary Infinity Ring and Locking System. Infinity Rings offer a simple opening and locking system for changing the rods and at the same time increase the running quietness during the rotation of the rods. Infinity' patent-pending ring and locking system is included as part of every single unit of the series.

The Infinity Lock is contained in every SCUF Infinity1 controller. The SCUF thumb sticks are specifically engineered for professional performances; they use high quality material for enhanced traction and longevity. - It is the normal Xbox Thumbstick resize and offers a responsiveness that is especially needed for movement. - Lager thumb sticks offer more angles to playing from a mathematical point of view.

SCUF FPS grips are the best of both worlds: SCUF's unique patent pending variable release and pull stop mechanisms integrated into SCUF Pro Grip grips. The SCUF Key allows the operator to adjust the shutter release voltage and location from the outside.

Therefore, the FPS grips can be replaced in seconds with the standard Xbox One joysticks provided by SCUF in your SCUF Infinity1 choke. SCUF provides two handle variants that can also be used in combination to enhance your grips. - Scuf Pro grips are made of a high quality elastic compound and are attached to the grips of the controls.

Shaped for your hand and with the SCUF logos for added hold, available in different colours. - A structured army handle, SCUF grip can be combined with SCUF Pro grips or covers the whole back of the joystick to provide full gripping controll even at the highest levels of performance.

Each Xbox One Xbox can be fitted with one of the Xbox One grips (earlier than the Xbox One S version) and the Xbox One installation remover is provided with the Xbox Infinity1 Xbox. One of the features of the VCUF disk is that it turns the D-Pad into a system similar to a thumb stick. It is particularly efficient in combat matches where combat is indispensable.

SCUF Infinity Series are the most adaptable SCUF Series of controllers ever designed. The SCUF uses advanced technologies to offer high-end shell design for high-end gamers. Many SCUF controls come with a soft-touch finishing that gives the control additional hold while the shiny surfaces do so. Bowls, handles, prints, thumb sticks, circles, knobs and decorative trim are available in a variety of colours.

Featuring so many functions and styling choices, each SCUF control is designed specifically for the SCUF workshop in the UK and USA. In order to guarantee the level of craftsmanship every player earns, each player's controllers are handcrafted in a rigorous procedure that makes them a truly exceptional item of equipment. In order to guarantee optimum service, every SCUF is subjected to a full QC and in-game manual test before shipment!

Developed to enhance manual use and minimize redundant latencies while taking into account ergonomic, convenience and security, the controls of the external hard drive system (SCUF) are ideal for the most demanding users. Mitigate excess and unpleasant gestures with the unique stroke steering system and pull-off action. Screenshots help players achieve their full gameplay potential and minimize the risk of injury to hands through technologies such as CLAW.

Every SCUF control unit is equipped with a uniquely tamper-proof SCUF-certificate. The control unit is designed and manufactured by a SCUF engineer. Ensure that the controllers can be used legally in large events such as Call of Duty World League, MLG, Gfinity, ESL, BFS, EGL and others.

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