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The Show This is a new episode of Brian Reed's Brian Reed showcased by the Serial and This American Live show about a man called John who scorns his city of Alabama and chooses to do something about it. Then someone else is killed, and the quest for the truths results in an evil vendetta, a chase for concealed treasures and a discovery of the secrets of a man's being. The S-Town is part of Industrial Productions, a manufacturing firm of Industrial and This American Life. Reed is the lead executive director of the broadcast and this American Life broadcast. She is co-founder of the broadcast series, which made its debut in October 2014 and was more than 200 million downloads, making it the most viewed broadcast series in all time.

Prior to that, for many years she was the lead executive of This American Life, which is listened to by more than 4 million people every weekly. Dallas, Texas-based Daniel Hart, a performing artist and songwriter, wrote the piece S-Town. Daniel has been writing for five years for movies and television, among them Disney's Pete's Dragon and the documentation Essende Tiere.

McGinley is the percussionist and co-founder of the Gym Class Heroes as well as a contributor to This American Life. Hello Negro is the musical and performing alia of Roberto Carlos Lange. Roberto grew up in South Florida, singing in English and Spanish and enriching his musical life with the ecuadorian cultures of his Mum and Dad with ballads, dances and ballads.

Where can I get a podcast? Here this is a videotape we made before the launch of serial. Please obey the directions, but replace S-Town with Serial. Basically, a Podcast is a broadcast that you can receive over the web so that you can hear at any uptime. Audition a podcast via a website (referred to as streaming).

Or you can save a podcast on your mobile device, tray or computer and play it at any moment, even without an access to the web. Inside the Podcast application, browse for S-Town and click Sign Up. And you can also go directly to the S-Town page.

Use Google Podcasts for your mobile phone and tables. Browse for S-Town and click the Subscribe link, or you can go directly to the S-Town Google Podcasts page.

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