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The S&p 500 stands for

The Penn Review Pennsylvania University reports that the turbulent South Philadelphia oil and gas plant could be closed in the next few years and that the town should be preparing to tackle a 1,300-acre site polluted by more than a hundred years of oil and gas exploration. Published Thursday by Penn's Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) business unit that came out of this year' insolvency is said to remain so un competitive and debt-burdened that it is "likely" to go bankrupt again by 2022.

When the 335,000-barrel per-day facility is closed, existing recovery programs may not be enough, said the study's writer, Christina E. Simeone, head of the Centre for Politics and Foreign Relations. Are further renovation measures necessary? According to the review, restructuring programs are further complicated because Sunoco Inc. the former owners of the plant, who are still in charge of the contaminated sites, have neglected to properly engage the general public in the preparation of the plan.

There are 11 areas at the site, with eight of them having been revised and accepted over the last ten years. Leader of the Clean Air Council, an environment organisation, said his non-profit organisation was concerned about the absence of publicity for Sunoco's remediation plan. "Minott said we believe the plan was unlawfully authorized without the correct protocol.

" One of the region's major economies, the East Coast's single-largest fuel manufacturing plant, the Raffinerie Komplex has a large pool of workers, entrepreneurs and politicians who have come together in the past to address fiscal and regulative issues. "PES may be able to meet these issues and sustain a profitable refining operation," the paper says.

"The plant may also act as a tank farm and logistics unit, even if the refinery ceases to operate. "PES said in a declaration that it came out of last month's insolvency with a new equity base. "The PES has a solid funding base to underpin our activities, so we remain a key supplier of power to the Northeast and an employer to over 1,100 hard-working people," she said.

"The refinery will remain an investment and we look forward to the bright years. "The PES is actually made up of two plants whose environment was largely preoccupied by Sunoco's property - Atlantic Refining Co., which opened at Point Breeze in 1870, and Gulf Oil Corp., which opened an adjoining plant at Girard Point in 1926.

The pollution has penetrated into the subsoil far away from the ownership of the refined petroleum and has been prosecuted for many years - the erection of a canal in South Philadelphia in 1962 caused a petrol blast in which four builders died. In 2006, Sunoco joined the Pennsylvania Act 2 Land Recycling Program facility to volunteer for cleaning.

Sunoco kept track of its pre-2012 commitments when it withdrew from oil sourcing in 2012 and assigned title to the new PES facility. Evergreen Resources Management Operations took over the company's existing environment obligations. The Energy Transfer Partners LP, which Sunoco acquired in October 2012, took full charge of the Group' commitments to the environment.

The ETP will retain a non-controlling interest in the plant but will not retain operative oversight. The Sunoco has established a funding scheme for the restoration of the environment of all its former sites, an $207 million dollar end 2017 policy, the Penn reports. He said that the estimate of the costs to complete the investigation and carry out a clean-up is $17.4 million, indicating that there is enough funding for the clean-up.

However, Simeone said Sunoco's remediation plan assumes it will continue to be operated as a mill. "When it is no longer a matter of a refined plant, you have to ask yourself whether the cleaning standard remains adequate," she said. It is the biggest Single Pollutant and GHG Emission Resource in Philadelphia, and its closing would give the town a " chance ", the reports said.

"Closing the plant will significantly reduce atmospheric pollutants that are detrimental to people' s lives and the environment," she said.

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