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Never mind the S-500 or Su-57 PAK-FA. The Russian military has big future prospects.

Russians have begun to plan the design of a range of next-generation weaponry to be connected to equipment such as the Sukhoi Su-57 PAK-FA and the S-500 surface-to-air missiles array (SAM). This new system - which the Russians have not mentioned - will be designed as part of the state' s forthcoming programme of enhanced armaments. "An important and central topic on our agendas is to start defining the beginning of the establishment of another progressive state arms program," said Russia's President Vladimir Putin at a Kremlin Military Industrial Commission gathering.

Mr Putin said that Russia must now begin to plan for its defence needs as it finalises programmes of military developments financed under the present State Armaments Plan (GPV-2027). "It is important that we move forward and begin today to plan the further design and manufacture of progressive armaments and equipments that will shape the picture of the Russians armed forces in the long run and for the next decades," Putin said.

Mr. Putin said that the shortage of talents within the defence industries of Russia - which had withered away with the times of the Soviets - has also stabilised in recent years. Putin further claims that the Russia defence industries are making headway in recruiting new talents. The time will show how successfully the forward-looking programmes of the defence industries in Russia will be.

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