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Completely reactive.SaaS Email Templates is. Let your brand template design look easy to use yet professional. The North insists that the sale of a SaaS depends on a good follow-up. Choose from a list of attractive open source email templates.

The SaaS Email Templates - Reactive HTML Email Templates for SaaS Start-ups

When you ever try to encode HTML e-mails, you've probably realized that it's not simple at all. You' re gonna have to deal with almost 30 different big e-mail client. "The SaaS Email Templates" is a set of 21 beautiful HTML email templates for SaaS start-ups that are fully reactive and interoperable with all popular email client.

Including templates: Deleted account, Announcement, Activate account, Voucher, Hazard alert, Download, Download app, Verify email, Invoice, Maintenance, Newsletters, Receive newsletters, Reset password, Reset password, Recommendation, Register thanks, Success message, Temporary password, Open ticket, Tip, Unsubscribe, Alert The Startup Email templates are fully compliant with most email marketers such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, Aweber and others.

There are 4 alternative SaaS email templates

The Email Monitor is an email editing tool that lets you quickly and simply create nice, engaging email messages. You can access thousands of free templates with a full-featured built-in email editing tool that lets you quickly modify and retrieve your submission. An open-source collection of templates for welcome email, reset passwords, bills, alerts and more. Deliver rich, engaging, mobile experiences to all your key email customers.

The Freelance Lead 2.0 is a heavily tracked collection of wires sent to you - which you can then get in touch with and work with. The lines appear on your desktop and are also sent by email. Those lines are added when they are found, so that your dashboard is always filled with them.

The SaaS Email Templates

Completely reactive. Have you ever tried to encode HTML e-mails? You' re gonna have to deal with almost 30 different big e-mail client. The templates are fully reactive and work both on the telephone and on the desk. Every pattern can be used unchanged or modified according to your wishes. We have been using start-up email for several months and it has been saving us a great deal of our valuable ressources and work.

Of course, we are amazed at the rate of exchange these templates have given us!

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